Prank The Automaton

Activist group The Yes Men nail it again. These guys are so awesome they’re beyond funny. Seriously. It’s as though funny starts at a certain point with them and 180 degrees later it’s still funny but then again it’s not. Dark humour? Dark Parody? Dark… You know what I worst-mean. But then again. Wait. Nomatter. Check out the vid and wait till it gets to the line dance part where these pranksters organise the attending corporate-automatons to fall in line like the sheep being lead off the cliff that they really are. My only concern with this level of immaculate humour is, if, under other circumstances, if I would have made it in the corporate-automaton world, would I too have fallen for this? Ok. Wait (again). I can safely say I wouldn’t have fallen for this. Why? Because I didn’t fall for the corporate-automaton world from the get go, baby. That’s why I’m (we’re) here, baby. That’s right. That’s exactly what makes worst-writer better–including you, worst-reader. That’s why we’re free and I’m planning my next trip to Curacao at the same time I’m worst-writing this post. Yeah, baby.

In case vid fails, here’s another link to video and article.