Automaton vs Parasite

Today, dear worst-reader, let’s have a moment to converse in California west cost language: This is so gnarly, dude … surfs up … (nuff of that.)

You know, there was a time when posting pamphlets on doors reformed things. But I exaggerate. Nomatter.

The video above is NOT about google or tech companies. Hell, this worst-post ain’t even about the outrageous housing costs that San Franciscans pay that I’m laughing about. And it most certainly ain’t about a bunch of tech-dude talking heads who squeezed by as the US (in my humble worst-opinion) killed off the dotcom era by replacing technology and innovation with the past in the form of new & improved robber barons, Houdini-bankers and war-mongers galore.

Indeed. What the boys in the vid should be talking about is a broken system, a country that has, as a whole (not in its parts), been lingering along the path of failing upwards for the better part of 30+ years. Our system of apathy, reaction and an ignorant voting populace combined with predatory capitalism that has sold-out to worldly globalization (that is made up of more apathy, reaction and ignorance) has left an entire generation (either the Xers or the millennials–I can never tell which one is which) in the wind. A whole generation of Americans has been lost and, for the most part, it’s also been forgotten–and these kids are barely old enough to figure out which coffee to order and which credit card to charge it on. And when these kids put a measly pamphlet on the door of an Automaton corporatist, well, what is left to be done? React(ion) is at hand. Demonizing is in the cards. Kevin Rose and Leo Laporte can get side by side and defend themselves against the oncoming mob. Mob with pitchforks ala Shelley’s Frankenstein. And who is the monster the mob is after? Frankenstein = Automaton? Full stop.

Ah, to have such a comfort zone so well earned. Wait. Short pause.

Now that they make me think about it. I too have a comfort zone that I’ve earned. But to get it I had to break away from the abyss of American’t suburban hell. I had to turn my back on the mind-blowing ignorance of cubicle-work-life. I had to sacrifice a living standard in order to save my soul. For I saw at a very young age how so many were willing to subject themselves to whatever scraps and tittles parents and generations left behind. Hence, American’t is now a place where you literally have to fight for the remaining scraps. And the people you see on the vid above have done well with those scraps.

If one were to look at the bank accounts of the panel blathering in the vid above, they all really have earned their bubbles. But there is a price–and they are far from recognizing that price. Still. Worst-writer say: hats off to them. Leo has built what could be considered the first and bestest internet/podcasting network. I watch numerous shows on twit. And Kevin Rose… well, he really seems like a successful guy, too. A “Venture Capitalist” employed by google. Only in these times, dear worst-reader, can the comforts of high-end employment earn the title Venture Capitalist. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not mocking success. I’m only mocking those who can’t see through how success is measured.

The essence of the problem San Fran is in might be what Leo claims. The ridiculous housing market could be due to the city being land locked. But it could also be attributable to something else. Worst-writer’s answer to everything that makes it American’t is once again applicable here. So stop looking at the tip of the iceberg, baby. Get scuba certified and go diving–the info is deep, deep, deeper. And besides, scuba is a totally sexy thing to do–it’s also a great way to meet chicks.

The essence of the problem that Leo & Co do not even venture to discuss is
nothing less than corporatism. And how do you get corporatism to be the essence? You are an American born of baby-boomers. You grow up never questioning whether the resources required (capital, credit, consumables, etc.) will even be there for your taking–like it was for the greed-generation, the boomers, your parents. You just go through the motions–like an automaton. And now, suckers, it’s too late. All that’s left is to paste pamphlets on the doors of your own–some of who have done better with the scraps that the American religion of greed and ill-success has left behind. And so. Silicon Valley is a beacon for what remains of the scraps of a dying idear. Or something like that.


I need a new google device really bad.


Here’s the vid.

The silly pamphlet

Sarcasm on. Some über tech newz. Sarcasm off.

The whole twit show (warning: over 2hrs)

Good luck sucker.

Rant on.


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