8 Sails 50 Cannons


Something to rid us of the grime and monotony this morn, dear worst-reader. It’s raining, as usual. The Eurowasteland sky is just above my head. Nomatter. Since I can’t leave this wasteland I find these little my-noot video passages to break up the pain of my fingers from typing on chicklet keyboards galore.

There is one thing about this song that bothers me. When translated to English they replace this

Und ein Schiff mit acht Segeln
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen…

with something like this which is random and obscure:

There’s a ship, the black freighter
with a skull on its masthead… (etc.)

Which is why the original is so brilliant and worth all the luscious guttural Germanin.


Pirate Jenny

Amada Palmer

Rant on.