Collective Fraud = New Worldcup Flatscreens

german borg flagRead an article this morn that set me off, dear worst-reader. Good luck with this one.

The worldcup is coming and so too the NEED for a new TV. Indeed. But there’s one problem. No one can afford a new TV. Germania is broke. What? You don’t believe worst-writer that Germania is broke? Why? Because you might read articles like this or this? Well. Then let me rephrase. Not all of Germania is broke. Government subsidised industries are doing fine but that is mostly due to the fact that so much of corporate costs are government subsidised in this country. Here yet more proof that Germania is in fact part of the grand lie of the social market free-for-all that some refer to as a social market economy. Seriously. For one thing, worstwriter has never seen so much hidden fraud than in Germany. (In American’t and Britain the fraud isn’t hidden.) And why is that? Well. The Germans have a special way of collectivising EVERYTHING. That’s kind of their secret. Everyone has to be the same and do the same. That includes everything being the same when it comes to creativity, work and even ambition. Ingenuity can only take place in the confines of a corporation–so that the corporation can own that ingenuity. The only thing that makes anyone or anything different is the amount of personal spendable income. But, of course, due to Eurowasteland history, that personal income, also known as the consumer money supply, is predetermined (based on a hierarchial society that begins at a very early stages in life) and pre-distributed (based on the collective distribution of living-standard employment). This is a country living the lie better than so many others–and it does so because the people that make this happen question nothing–they love the fact that so much is hidden.

But worst-writer, please tell us more about how the collective lie works. Ok, I will.

  • The German food service industry wouldn’t be around if it couldn’t periodically be burned down in order to claim insurance payouts. You could go anywhere in Germany right now and find multiple burned out houses where once restaurants were. This also applies to small business. When things go bust in the land of the hidden, burn it down because the collective will pay (with collective insurance) in order to keep things hidden.
  • German housing and construction wouldn’t be possible if builders couldn’t collect bankruptcy insurance. There are two almost-finished row-house complexes near where I live that have been dormant for years because the construction company went bankrupt. If it was real bankruptcy, as opposed to there being something hidden about what really happened to those companies, then someone or something would have finished the building.
  • Doctors would go out of business if they couldn’t delay care for patients (my average wait time to see a doctor for non-acute ailments is sometimes up to six months). Doctors do this on purpose because of the pay cycles of the government mandated insurance industry. Why see someone about an ailment if they can’t make money off it? Just schedule appointments according to insurance payment schedules.
  • The so-called mass produced luxury German auto industry could not survive if it weren’t for government subsidies of corporate leased cars that are then given to the masses of privileged worker-bees that in turn pay government taxes on those vehicles and that tax, of course, is set by the price of the car. Oh. Let’s not forget: Germans pay some of the highest prices for the liquid gold that powers and makes mobility possible in their grand collective. Half of that money is tax.
  • Last but not least. The “locomotive” of Eurowasteland would have no children if it weren’t for the lie of free, lengthy, time wasting mis-education (again, subsidised by outrageous taxes) as a way to keep people from joining the already strained and obviously dying workforce that allows genders to waste half their baby-bearing years on consuming krapp no one needs in order that the collective state can collect consumer VAT taxes. Luckily nature kicks in and German females realise by their late 20s and early 30s (yeah, that’s how long it takes to get a basic university education here) that it’s baby bearing time. The only problem they have then is to figure out where the men are that can afford the hidden extra costs of females that think belated procreation doesn’t have a surcharge.

Below is a link to an article that motivated this worst-rant about how Germans are able buy new flatscreen TVs because the Worldcup says they have to and the worker-bees think/believe that rampant consumption is a wirtschaftwunder right. 

Article in English (google translate).

Original article – Deutsch.

Rant on.