Crazy Elvis vs Edward Snowden

crazy elvisWhile most ask what would Jesus do, worst-writer asks: what would Elvis do?

In the case of Edward Snowden I’m seriously confused about what to do. When the news about Snowden’s leak first hit and I was able to wrap my head around it, I thought: where’s the info? Seriously. Wikileaks was still all over the news and the question of the day was: when will Julian Assange stink-up the Equadorian Embassy so much that they have to throw him out to get rid of the stench? The second question of the day was: Why didn’t Snowden just give the leaks to Wikileaks so that the info could be where it belongs? Well, dear worst-reader, we’re starting to see the answer to that question now. Lawyer turned journalist, Glenn Greewald, is finally on a tour of the USA where he will release all… ALL… A L L of the information he received from Endward Snowden so that all of us can have a look at it and…

Wait. Stop the worst-presses. That’s ain’t quite what’s happening.

What’s happening is that Greenwald is on a tour to sell a book he wrote where he and he alone (well, there might be a few editors and friends along the ride) will determine what we all can see from the Snowden leaks. And his book currently costs between €10 and €20 Euros, depending on what format you purchase. Now ain’t that special! Why this reminds me of crazy Elvis, drugged out on stage in Vegas, just before turning too fat to do Karate while singing glory, glory, hallelujah, I’m not sure. Hopefully future generations of better informed worst-readers can figure that one out. But I won’t bore you with the worst (best) of Elvis’ Vegas closers. Let’s go for something more revealing, something that we don’t have to pay Glenn Greenwald for in order to hear some truth, like a guy that wants to sound like Elvis but sings about his love of the NSA.

Here’s a timeline of events worth a quick look.

Rant on.