Worst Issue #58

burning river
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Dear worst-reader, here another exchange, like this one, where opposing points of view are exposed. Good luck.

Friend wrote:

Dude, check out this link.

This is not a mistake. I would bet the oil companies in the US are backdoor funding radical groups who oppose the Keystone pipeline. Some refiners invested heavily to process the heavy oil in Louisina, but I feel like the oil majors, who are already fighting surplus crude in the US for years now and heavily lobbying the Gov to allow crude exports because they are swimming in the stuff, are very against the pipeline, which will put Canada on the map for being a major supplier directly to the gulf. Right now, within a few years, US will be the largest oil producer nation on the planet, and of course, the US citizens have NOTHING to show for it. The US allows companies to extract all of the natural wealth of the nation and exploit it for their private gain while the US citizens are sitting on $14 trillion in debt. If I were running things, every $1 over $80 a barrel that oil sells for, the gov would get 35% “excessive profit” tax.

Anyway, Mexico just passed laws to allow foreign investment there which within 3-5 years will turn around their ass backwards bureaucratic government oil monopoly, which shows governments can’t do anything right, but they can come up with ways to benefit the citizens with their own natural resources.


Oh, dear worst-friend, where should I worst-start? How ’bout here…

Are you and I on a war-path of opposing views? At the least, your interpretation of current affairs is making my head shake. What’s up with that? Does this have anything do with the fact that we are thinking American’ts who live on both sides of the Atlantic? Nomatter. Let’s rumble.

First, dear worst-friend, American oil men are not smart enough to cause an oil spill on purpose. Seriously. These guys are morons and, like so many who live their life for money, they have never had an original thought. Unless you call naming an oil tanker after Bush’s former national security adviser an original thought. (If you don’t know that one then check here.)

The LA oil line break is most surely an accident. But it is an accident because of neo-liberal politics and collective neglect. Just like all the train derailments that are exploding across north America (here more on that). The subsequent spill (that has closed an LA “Gentleman’s Club“) is another example of America’s inability to “reap what we sow”. Or is it sow what we reap? Nomatter. Maybe you get what I mean. Anywho. Have you heard about all the oil transport accidents of late? Do you think they were all planned, too?


I don’t know where you get the idea that America is fighting to export because it has too much oil. FYI, there’s been too much oil ever since Saddam was ousted from Kuwait. Supply is not an issue but demand might be. The real issue of oil today is distribution. Distribution is owned by the USA military and a few lucky oil men. And there’s the cabal. Ontop of that, because there’s so much supply, America is hoarding oil, controlling it, slapping the hands of others (can you say Putin/Russia) that are trying to get in on the scam. So if you want to talk about oil men planning anything, talk about how they pulled that one off. It has taken them a lifetime–our lifetime to do it. But pull it off they have. Oh. And it wasn’t planned.

And before I forget. The Keystone pipeline is for export to cheap labor countries that produce western goods. The American oil cabal doesn’t want anything to do with Canadian tar-sands oil for domestic consumption because it’s too expensive to process. America prefers oil from underneath real sand–on account it’s cheaper to get into cars and we fought enough wars over it for that privilege. Tarsands oil is only good for diesel or kerosene which is enough to power/fuel China’s slave labor production or produce tires/tyres or plastics for baby’s to choke on.

But don’t quote me on that last thought.

Love ya, man.