Tone It Down: Intelligence

Worst-writer has no qualms with the common man. Misanthropy be damned. And these gentleman (see video at the link below) deserve respect. In fact, they command it. You can tell, worst-reader, that they are truly on the verge of eruption. Yet some degree of self-awareness, self-respect and being born of (some) mother, held them back. So let’s all thank Thor, the grand teapot in the sky, Zoroaster and some mother that they were able to maintain themselves. But. That said. This is what happens after a country has become impotent-of-mind in the arena of democracy. This is what happens when a country allows itself to be guided by branded lapel flags whose interests are self-serving and those interests are spewed from behind TV cameras and those interests do not reflect the common man that is (theatrically) portrayed here. Indeed. It is so hard to see thru what you/we have been sold by conservatism, Neoliberlism in The United Mistakes of American’t: the grievance, the belonging and the sentiment run deep. Which remind me: It doesn’t matter if George W. Bush was an ignoramus anymore. The video in the link below proves that Bush was the catalyst in lowering the bar to new levels. Some say that you can’t see the future but you can learn from the past. Well, American’t is proving that is no longer true and quite the opposite is real. Here’s to your future American’t.

Idaho gubernatorial candidates Walt Bayes and Harley Brown have a surreal debate..