$200m Website

cashOh, dear worst-reader. The news is slow of late. I think it has something to do with journalism being owned these days. You know. Owned like religion, wives and copyrights. So I found myself dredging more than usual this morn to find something of interest and a potential subject to worst-right about. Thank goodness the dredging was short lived.

Link to article of worst-interest.

But the article isn’s what motivated me.

Have you heard about the website The Intercept? No? No big deal. You might never hear about it except for the fact that it is considered the world’s most expensive website. That’s right, dear worst-reader, The Intercept (link is to a wiki page on it) website costs in excess of $200m. Ok. Backtrack a bit. Actually the money is an investment in what is supposed to be a new voice in publishing…. I mean. A new voice in Interwebnet publishing. Wait. That’s not right either. The Intercept is supposed to be a new voice in journalism. Online journalism. (Hope I got that right.) But what’s really interesting about this $200m website is how it came to be.

The investment amount for this website and all it will entail:

  1. as already mentioned, is part of $200m given by one of the founders of eBay,
  2. the catalyst for this rock-star website is Glenn Greenwald and his possession of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks,
  3. and for that amount of money, this website might just be the counter we all need to save us not only from crooked politics, crony capitalism but–and here’s the real deal–this website might just be the new & improved journalistic voice to help us all save ourselves from ourselves.

Or maybe not.


Rant on.