Better Left Unsaid?

There are two things about the Borg… Sorry. There are two things about the Germanins that scares the beejeezus out of me. The first thing is the bureaucracy (of this my adopted home). The second is the politics that feeds that bureaucracy. Worst-writer learned quickly upon moving abroad how nations act not unlike individuals. That is, nations reflect basic human needs and desires just like individual human beings. Obviously scales are different but as history has shown nations, like individuals, can change. They can also be manipulated. So the worst-question of the day has to be: how do you see through what you are being sold?

Germaninland in 2014 is a monstrosity of bureaucracy. This bureaucracy is so overwhelming that Germanins can’t even see it. They don’t know this bureaucracy exist as it does. Nor do they know the Sophie’s Choice that is everyday life here. With that non-sense in mind, worst-writer is gonna go out on a limb. There is something in Germaninland that few question. That something are the atoms that make up the monstrosity, the individuals that make the monster machine of bureaucracy. Everybody here just goes with it because, well, it lets you buy shit, go on vacation, and drive around in über-expensive cars that are paid for by taxing the shit out of complacency. Which brings me to the sub-category of politics in Germaninland: the politicians. These men and women are the handlers of all. They flip the switches of all. They are the gatekeepers and just like the gated they too are oblivious to the wonders of the success that is the wirtschaft-wunder, unification and the acceptance that consumerism is now the new bratwurst, bier and hot Fräulein.

As a foreigner I’m actually eligible to vote in the upcoming local elections. My aunt has been all over me about who I’m gonna vote for–because I have been teasing her for years about her SPD loyalty. Ever since LaFontaine, Schroeder & Co, the SPD has been a laughing-stock. But I won’t get into that here. When I told my aunt I was gonna vote for the Piraten-Partei she laughed. And then I said:

Liebe Aunti, everybody, in order to wake up, should vote for any party that is not part of the 5% minimum of national politics. And yes, that includes all the extreme parties.


So watch the vid below carefully, dear worst-reader. In it a status-quo leader of the bureaucracy-machine of this stagnant but consumerist-success-story of a country tries to put a loud-mouthed protestor in his place. The protestor is calling the politician and his ilk a fascist. And the pseudo-fascist response is breathtaking. The sheer, unmitigated, atypical, only in Eurowasteland kind of arrogance spewed by this politicians is truly astonishing. From the beginning of the video to the end it kept reminding me of something completely opposite of what the SPD is supposed to stand for. Then again, confusion runs rampant where there is chaos. And if the soul (pun) worship of consumerism is as real as it feels, chaos rules–no matter what Steinmeier attempts to say or do here. And so. See the second vid–if you can. And remember:

Hitler was defeated in WW2 but fascism won. –George Carlin

First Vid of arrogant German bureaucracy maker using his big microphone against those who will never have a microphone.

Second vid that no one is required to watch but if you dare you might see some history repeating itself.

This post was motivated by this post who, as far as worst-writer can tell, should get credit for bringing these two videos together.

Rant on.