Killer Privilege


The atomic structure of death-cult drugs.
The atomic structure of death-cult drugs used to raise the off-spring of American’t

Ah. Another shooting. Another shooting by some kid so doped-up that it’s time to close the blinds, pull down the shades, staple the eyelids shut. For this one might just be scarier than the last one. The last shooting, that is. Or wait. This new one only killed seven…or is it six? Wait. The last killed… Nomatter. What’s important here is that the newz can capitalize on… Let’s see. This person hated females. But he drove a nice car. So you have hate and consuming together as all was meant to be–in the land of failupwards. I mean, why would anyone drive a chick-catcher-car if he didn’t like gurls? No wait. The newz will explain it to us. Right? I mean. Maybe the gurls didn’t like him. Deliver (answers) to us newz. No? Ok. Move on.

What about that well spoken vid on the Interwebnets, the youtubes? It all coincides with his one-hundred-forty-odd page manifesto–which you can only get via some Interwebnet service (see links below). From what I’ve read so far this manifesto is very well written. The last manifesto I read was horribly written. What’s become of our death-cult servicers? Now they’re cultivated and almost elegant–in a very weird kinda way.  OYG, what is this world coming to! Not only does our national obsession with death exceed that of anything outside of war but the perpetrators are the kids of Hollywood film directors and they can read and write and at twenty-two drive around in a BMW gurl catching cars… Or maybe not.

Privilege kills indeed.

And now for a quick look at what American’ts latest whack-job took for “medication” to deal with his American’t problems? Get a load of Risperidone. Wiki even has a separate page listing the side effects of this drug. What a great country, eh. What a great new tech service the Interwebnets provides. If only the information provided could weave its way through all the ignorance that enables this stuff. But I digress.

Indeed. Another closed-minded day in the land of dream dreamers, Disney and living by the gun. Speaking of guns. Should we get into guns today, dear worst-reader? In this most recent shooting, none of the brand names of the guns was even mentioned. At least the brand names weren’t mentioned in the news I scanned. But I suppose the time of advertising, of marketing our famed Colts, PeaceMakers, nine-millimeters, eh-are-fifteens, etc., etc., are over. We know them all too well. Like coca-cola. Such advertising has no effect anymore. So we move on. Now it’s about the drugs. Or is it about the BMW he drove? Nomatter.

The eyelids are closed. There is nothing left to see in the freakshow–that we haven’t seen a dozen or so times before. The blinds are down and it still happens. The colorful depiction of reds and flesh and broken BMWs on a side-walk near you is not enough. We need more. We are more. Of this death. Hail the death cult. The religious nut-bags, gun totters, the NRA–grievance, belonging, sentiment–all that is left of American’t except for a new mall or iphone 7d(eath). Oh, the dominate decaying landscape and maintain the guns, the drugged-up kids, the parents incapable of recognizing that they were raised to beget these children, this species of death. And while you’re at it. There’s got to be something interesting to watch while the eyelids are shut on the TVs or Interwebnets which are now connected directly to the brain through microwave cellular nodes atop rotting buildings and other nation-state infrastructure left to the whims of cost cutting and greed galore. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Keep your eyelids shut and watch Oprah or Ellen. All will be well. As usual. Go ’bout your failing.


  • Kind of shocked that I found this link. Would you believe that this is actually Isla Vista’s second killing by one of its obviously whacked out children of privilege.
  • Here’s the manifesto. Well written n’all.
  • What a coincidence. The father who participated in this by drugging-up his kid is a semi-famous hollywood director and his website is down.
  • He don’t like gurls.
  • Look. Father & Drug Co. tried to help.

Rant on.