Come to terms with errors and more errors. Or maybe they’re not errors. The thing is this. He has a platform and a really large bullhorn. Listen to what he says? Yes. But does he really provide answers? Not sure. But then again, maybe there are no real questions asked of him. Nomatter. For history will tell of this. (It will tell of what he says.) And that same history will speak to so few just like the history after it. Or something like that.

Btw, here’s a link to a youtube search regarding The Snowed (effect). Below on of them (vids). And here’s the German ARD interview that really got me riled. Good lucks.

Update: below is the link that lead to the ARD video but it has since been made private. Googling “snowden” and “ard” should get you something, though. Good luck.

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video is private