A Life Time It'll Take

Where is the most damage from thirty-plus-years of American't political conservatism? Is it the economy? Is it the federal budget? Is it the middle class? Surprise! Yes to all the above. But here's the thing. All the above could, if the political will (and knowledge) were there, be fixed. Seriously. With the wave of a … Continue reading A Life Time It'll Take

Ethics vs Smarts

The Facebook game has no end. Or does it? Who remembers AOL? Who remembers its demise? If you learn from the demise then you can re-start anew (no matter how many redundancies you make). My worst-guess is the Zuck figured out AOL's demise better than anybody else. Hence Facebook. But to read that Zuck is … Continue reading Ethics vs Smarts

On Facts

The insistence on the primacy of personal opinion regardless of fact destabilizes and destroys the primacy of all fact. -Chris Hedges, American Fascist

My Dotcom Book

As bad as things were at the end of the 20th century, the beginning of the 21st century is obviously worse. But there was some good in the 1990s that's easy to forget. Anyone remember the Dotcom boom? I'm still waiting for the definitive book to be written about why the new-economy was so easily gobbled up by … Continue reading My Dotcom Book

Book vs Mirror

American Fascist by Chris Hedges After reading numerous Christopher Hitchens books, delving in various online resources featuring his firebrand contrarian POV, I realized something profound when he died. 1) The man scared the beejeezus out of me. 2) Not only is he the smartest and most well-read person I've ever experienced, but I quickly realized that there'll be … Continue reading Book vs Mirror

Afeared Yet

If you thought the war mongering and greed freakshow that is the beginning of the 21st century was scary wait till the reality sets in of who/what your parents really are. Indeed. There is nothing more scary than the infamous Boomer generation. No other generation in human history has taken so much and given so … Continue reading Afeared Yet

Useless Eaters All But One

Nothing in my useless eating worst-life will amount to an ounce of what Aaron Schwartz did. And that's a good thing. That said. The real sad thing about his demise is that bureaucrats and corporatists will never see how their compulsive behaviorism is at the root of what's wrong with everything. From the lawyers and … Continue reading Useless Eaters All But One

Plain Wonder

Why wasn't I shocked to see a twelve year old boy plowing a field yesterday? Maybe I was shocked. Or maybe what I was shocked by was how normal it felt to see something like that. We drove through the farmland of The Plains People yesterday. A boy was guiding four majestic horses towing a … Continue reading Plain Wonder

Captivate This

The Martian by Andy Weir. One of them books, dear worst-reader. Struck me hard. Kept hearing about it via various podcasts, twit.tv, and most recently a little bird speckled in red that flew by my work-window singing: you'd better get to this now because it's a wanna-be tech-geeks dream. Of course. I didn't believe the bird--nor did … Continue reading Captivate This

Who Taught The H-Word

There you have it. Less than sixty-thousand voters in the rural-bourgeois south are waking up to the inalienable right(s) of life, liberty and stupidity. They vote-out an incumbent that only a few years ago they loved--when their bank accounts reflected better the lust for debt and false ideology--and vote-in a guy that's probably two-steps worse. Oh well. The only surprise … Continue reading Who Taught The H-Word

Is This Huge

NSA spying? Privacy? Digital footprint? Why isn't this being covered more? Is there any other hardware maker that has ever offered something like this? It is in its infancy but the more I worst-think about it the more worst-baffled I get. Apple is offering a way to protect your privacy by randomly generating identifier codes (MAC … Continue reading Is This Huge

If He Blogged

Day Out of Days: Stories - by Sam Shepard Should forever immagine the Lands further off are Still better than those upon which they are already settled... (-errors and/or typos from original text) Took a break (from) reading this book the other day. It was one of them rare, early hot summer days in Germania. … Continue reading If He Blogged

Boom Your Controversy

Hard earned PBS underwritten funding paying off. And a bit shocked about how much time the producers of the videos that are connected to the link below spend on Google and FB. Almost get the feeling that the ill-doings of fear-mongering, The Patriot Act and the resulting behaviour of various smiley-face government agencies isn't what the "discussion" … Continue reading Boom Your Controversy