Obsoletism 101

Even though worst-writer knows they’re coming, he’s relieved there were no hardware announcements at today’s WWDC14, Apple’s developer conference. Reason? I dread all Apple announcements because they are only another indication that the krapp I’ve bought so-far is that much closer to what Apple does best: making krapp obsolete. Sure. In a day or three or maybe in a few weeks, hardware announcements are inevitable. Till then I’m good. But then again. I do like the “continuity” krapp Apple’s just announced even though I won’t be able to take advantage of it because, well, my hardware, most of which is from 2010 and 2011, won’t work with it. Way to go Apple. You’re so good it hurts. Seriously. You’re the best maker of the best throw-away krapp there is.

Apple announces iOS 8 with widgets and OS X Continuity | The Verge.