Automaton Demise Eminent

Oh look. Eurowasteland, under the führung from Germania and whatever random Munich trade-fair, is trying to bring some innovation to the continent. And how do they propose to do this? They choose what the Chinese have chosen so that the world can have tech products made with slave labor. Wait. That’s not exactly right. Nomatter. Move on. The only problem with this atypical day-late and Euro-short activity is that they haven’t beat Brazil to it. That’s right Eurowastelanders, once again you’ve been sucking on your beloved history a bit too long. Other than a few fancy cars and stuck-up fashion, what else do you have? So go ahead. Invest late and try to catch up. And what will you build in your new Automaton replacing robot factories? That’s right. Nothing. Unless you come up with a smart phone or something silly like that. Which doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Oh wait. Maybe you can make your cars at new robot factories. That way you can replace the robots you already have making them–on account they earn too much after all these years of use. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Way to go Eurowasteland! Pat yourself on the back. Drink a café-o-lay. Protect your Tower of Babel. And when that’s done, go buy some vacation.

Eurowasteland Advancing By Finally Finding A Way To Replace Overpaid Automatons With Robots.