Literally cut the chord this year. No. Seriously. I cut the cable chord to my TV in February. Or was it March? Nomatter. Even though I have an extra chord in a box somewhere, I’m keeping the TV disconnected. For me, the TV is now just a screen. A screen for my little hockey-puck box that is fed media from one of my household servers–where I decide what and when media is seen. Which means, no WM this year. Boo-who, eh. Unless, of course, the old (TV) economy decide to stream the 2014 WM. Wishful thinking there, eh! If they were to stream then how would they pay five-hundred million dollars for a stadium in the Amazon that will be used four times during the tournament? Oh well. At least it’s kinda cool that the US team has five Germans playing on it that, like me, never got to know their American fathers. Rant on, baby.

Five Germans on US Team Because Daddies Couldn’t Pull Out

Gotta Go Elsewhere To Get Them Players

And Here’s A Vid Of A Guy From England Wooing Americans By Cutting Up FIFA