Digging Wrong Holes

Paris BookstoreBuy books at a bookstore? Wait. Let me check my calender. Na. I’m good. The thing is, I’ve gone full digital as of 2014. Took me a lot of years to get here. Of course, the good or bad thing is, I can even remember the last time I went into a bookstore and bought a book. It was The British Bookshop in Frankfurt. I bought a new copy of Infinite Jest knowing that I wasn’t ever gonna read it. It was like a farewell purchase. And. I had already started it on my Kindle. What a (waste of money) gesture, eh! Nomatter. I knew it would be the last physical book I’d buy–so in a way it was a last jest on my part. (Pun?) Heck, if I gotta be honest, even the days where I waddled around with a Moleskine and a laptop are sometimes missed. Oh, those were the days where the analog and the digital mixed. But the nostalgia (like all nostalgia should) is waning. For I have moved on. And it’s time for many more to move on, too. I guess. Still. I reckon I’ll miss reading in the cramped aisles of City Lights Books in SF or Kramers in DC or Shakespeare and Company in Paris. Wait. I can still go to those places to check out the chicks, right? So you see, there’s hope. But will I buy books from them? Now there’s a question. I guess the answer is never say never. But then again, after reading the article below, I realised that some things, even though evolution is forced upon them, find a way to exist–they are like a window to a/my past. Not sure if that’s good. On the other hand, I’m starting to find all the complaining about Amazon boring. Seriously. Did no one see this coming ten years ago? Really? I was the only one. And to think I jumped on the digital band-wagon a bit late. Again. Nomatter. My only complaint about digital books is that you can’t share them with friends. So I guess it helps not having any friends.

Independent Booksellers Mount Offensive Against Amazon’s Dominance | Crooks and Liars.

Rant on, baby.