Flight Worries And Milestones

flight plan
3.5hr flight plan of LH427 dumping fuel and dancing over DE.

Another flight to the new country in the morning. Here’s a link to an article regarding the same flight I’ll use to return to the old country in about a month–as long as THEY get the landing gear fixed. My only worry is that I too will have to circle around the Delaware Valley for three-point-five hours before landing on account another airline skimped on maintenance costs. Profits for the few while the rest of us just pay, eh. Anywho. Think nothing of it. I plan on passing from this life while scuba diving and then dropping to about a hundred meters and finding rapture of the deep. Yeah, that’d be a cooler way to go than worrying about a catastrophic failure of my plane on account they forgot to grease something.

equal posts
Of course, with this post the battle tilts Blog to 131.

Hit kind of a milestone this morn, dear worst-reader. In my quest to digitise everything (in my life) I’ve been painstakingly figuring how to (finally) organise my footprint. Even though I’m still working on the social media connection to all this, my blog is coming along. I decided this year to take a minimalist attack angle on the blog thing, including my own hosted version of WordPress. It was a tough start but I eventually got it all running. I’ve even figured out how to work with themes on Wordpress that work well with my writing style. This has also allowed me to better see-thru the mess of metadata that surrounds all my posts. I don’t now why, but as a failed writer destined to continue the struggle and at the same time procrastinate, I really, really like meta-data. But that’s another post. Of the three hundred plus posts that I have so far, which is about a third of what I’m trying to get posted, I’m starting to get things under wraps. The milestone is that for the moment I’ve got equal posts in ‘Blog‘ and in ‘Notebook‘. That’s kind of significant because these are meta-data categories. Not only are they the entry points to the chaos but they also give me a feeling of accomplishment. Sad, I know. But fun all the same. And don’t worry. I don’t need to get out more. And so. Like I said. This is only a small part of what I’m trying to get posted. I still have numerous Moleskines and the old fashioned ‘Composition’ notebooks that are just beaming for worst-reader eyes. Even though it’s scary revisiting all the old writing, it’s a great way to look back and go through all that hell once again. The hell from which worst-writer stems. Yeah, baby.

Rant on.