How To Make Change With A Bar Of Gold


Don’t know why this interests me. Gold. Worst-Gold. What’s the point of gold these days? Seem so backward to think of gold as it once was. You know, that value thing. But that is how the gold-lusters think of it. Right? Sure, it was the catalyst and springboard to the fiat world we traverse today. But that was long ago; that was the day where/when the invention of the printing press finally took hold. What? You gonna print bibles with that press the whole time? Think not. But print money? Now you’re talkin’. Maybe. Wait. I am kinda connected to gold. I mean, I have a few gold crowns, even have a ring on my finger made out of the lust material. And then there was the time I got into a tat-a-tat with an old friend. Hadn’t seen him in a while and when he appeared he couldn’t stop talking about buying gold. It was around 2008 and the ignorant parts of the world was flipping out that American’t had elected a president the likes of which no one had ever seen before. I told my Dutch friend that he need not worry. Just look a little closer, I said. Get up close to the TV screen when you see Mr. Obama. Get up close like you did when I Dream Of Jeannie was on. Get up real close. The closer you get the more bush you can see. What a costume, baby. Or. You let it go. The lust. The lust for gold or the lust for prejudices. Get up close to the TV, look long, look hard, you will see that Mr. Obama is golden, he’s not what you think–like the gold that used to be. But I digress. For I really don’t like gold. The metal, that is. The stuff gives me the creeps. But I do like Obama. He’s cool. Wonder if he’ll help the lusters get to their gold. Nomatter. Nuff.

How Do You Move $140 Billion In Gold? Easy. You Don’t.