Girl Gurl Haters

Boy do they get this wrong. What's especially wrong is utilizing a picture of the communist best gurl-friend turned capitalist-lover as an example of Eurowasteland equality. Germania is a patriarch society. Period. It is a boy-club and it means nothing that its political polit-büro leader is female. Having lived in anti-feminine Germania for the better … Continue reading Girl Gurl Haters

Hitch On Chomsky

Naom Chomsky, a most distinguished intellectual and moral dissident, once wrote that the old motto about "speaking truth to power" is overrated. Power, as he points out, quite probably knows the truth already, and is mainly interested in suppressing or limiting or distorting it. -Christopher Hitchens, Letters To A Young Contrarian

When Blumen Weep

Seriously. Hate to be a World Cup downer here. But I am worst-writer and not happy-writer. The article linked below starts with a reference (or is it a subtitle?) to 'the bearable lightness of being'. I will worst-assume that the authors of the article for Spiegel International are playing around with the tried and true … Continue reading When Blumen Weep

Transform This!

Meanwhile, farther up the literacy scale, many thousands of would-be writers display their tragically unrecognized wit and insight as movie critics, using mass distributed blogging software and mass produced computer hardware to illuminate mass distributed films (the prevailing assumption being that an audience, however small, is proof enough of authenticity and individuality.) -Deer Hunting For … Continue reading Transform This!

Happy Failure

Schadenfreude? Maybe. Read link to article below and the links it links to. I know that wishing ills to others has its payback. But I guess I'm willing to accept that consequence. At least in this case. What better example is there of the greater-than-though meritless workforce of my grand united mistakes than those who … Continue reading Happy Failure

Jacob Obians

Will our Jacobians ever be defeated as the French ones were? -Gore Vidal, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

Wine Mis Advice

Above a label from one of four bottles of "Lisini" 1998 that I have rotting in my kitchen. That's right. They are rotting. Once they were magical bottles of wondrous wine. Then the reality set in. To remind me of what Italian stuck-up wine makers have done to something as simple as wine, these bottles … Continue reading Wine Mis Advice

Almost Fail of the Day #16

Trying but unable to find the outcome of the argument between Jefferson and Madison regarding whether or not the earth belonged also to the dead. For you see, dear worst-reader, according to one or both (founders) there is an advantage and a disadvantage to declaring the dead property owners. Gee, I wonder why. Rant on.

Doing Good

No greater cruelty will be devised than by those who are sure, or are assured, that they are doing good. -Christopher Hitchens, Arguably

Prediction #789

Today's prediction, dear worst-reader, has to do with the extinct Germania snow leopard, spies and Germany finally stepping up to face the worldly role it has so gallantly been avoiding for the past twenty years. The Germania snow leopard was an animal that for a brief time in its history stalked the grounds between Kölnia … Continue reading Prediction #789

Highest Hoard

Comparisons. Compare on a daily basis living between countries. What a bore. What a drag. But sometimes a comparison or three is worth it. Especially when I'm visiting "home". Like. Reading the articles below, for example. Couldn't help but think about all the times I've walked around Germaninland in the middle of night only to … Continue reading Highest Hoard

Projection Issue

According to some research, the projection of one's negative qualities onto others is a common process in everyday life. However, the belief that psychological projection includes the denial of any of the perceived negative qualities in oneself is challenged by research, and the concept may need to be revised. -Psychological Projection, from the Wiki

Bank Real Concern

Yes. It's true. Banks are really concerned about your welfare. They care about you. They care about you as much as any corporate institution can care. Most importantly bank institutions care about you so much they will go to great lengths to make sure you and their money is ok. And for that we should be … Continue reading Bank Real Concern

End Of The Beginning

It's one of them dreary, rainy beach mornings. The rain kept me awake all night. On and off. When it just rains it's great. You know, that soul searching trickle that seems to calm and subdue. But blasts of rain here and there? No fun. Until morn when mother wants her pancakes. I grab her … Continue reading End Of The Beginning

Solar vs Fracking

Found my (worst)self at a community meeting yesterday where a solar project was being presented to members. Living in Germany gave me a bit of an advantage, since that country is somewhat ahead in utilizing the sun for power--even though the friggin sun rarely shines there. What astonished me about this meeting was how the audience, mostly retired … Continue reading Solar vs Fracking

Down With The Old

No. Seriously. Who is criticizing Amazon? Could the critics be those who are in favor of the old economy artificially and coercively maintaining the status-quo in the publishing world? Ok. Let's face the music here. I for one am tickled to now be a regular buyer of e-books. It's been three years since I've bought … Continue reading Down With The Old

Skip The Buck

Where does the buck stop? Does it stop with the lie or with a truth? Or does it stop when both lie and truth are made to merge? Enter Christopher Hitchens. The grand debunker of lies and grandest debunker of truths dictated by religious nut-bags (which are ultimately lies). What is it that makes me … Continue reading Skip The Buck


When actors look at themselves you know they are acting for only one person more than their audience. Or something like that.