Do Not Enter Taxation

DE 495 ClosedTommi’s, aka worst-writer’s, prediction of the day and some lazy, pseudo armchair economics. But first, a question. Being home for a few weeks is both thrilling and daunting. Thrilling because I love it here–even though when I’m here I’m at the beach but all I do is work on Mom’s house. It’s daunting here because this is an opportunity to come down from my thirty-thousand-foot view of all-things-American’t–i.e. my view of home from Eurowasteland. The first few days in the States I feel bombarded with things like gas prices, milk prices, the negativity of news, the sour-puss faces of the abused, so on and so forth. It’s all right in front of me–I guess I miss my thirty thousand feet sometimes. But let me get back to the question.

How do the powers-that-be tax the hell out of you?

The genius of politics in my grand United Mistakes of American’t is how conservative politicians are able to milk their dumb downed constituents as though they are the endless teats of a über-fat cow–that gets off on being milked. Obviously, post-Reaganomics, American politicians can’t just raise taxes anymore. Yet it feels like, for the most part, the exuberant cost of living here is mostly a form of indirect taxation. Inflation alone has to make up most of that cost and that same inflation is being used to ONLY service the monstrous debt because the country is unable to pay it off. So. Again. How does the State increase revenue–tax you to do something other than just service national and local debt?

A few days before flying over the Atlantic I got the news that Wilmington DE was forced to close down highway 495. See map above. The closing is a big deal because it is the main route I have to take to get from PHL airport to the eastern shore of MD. 495 runs parallel to 95 and serves, I guess, as a kind of relief valve for both Wilmington and Philadelphia for traffic passing through the area on north-south 95. I read one news report that said, because of the closing of the bridge on 495, ninety-thousand vehicles a day now have to use 95. Find the reason you like why they closed down the 495 bridge–it truely doesn’t matter what they say the reason for the closing is, i.e. support beams cracked, base of bridge shifting, etc. The real reason they close it is this… (aka worst-writer prediction on its way):

I predict that when they finally get around to opening the 495 bridge in Wilmington DE it will be accompanied by a toll. And that is exactly how the powers-that-be raise your taxes. I mean, come on! How can a bridge built with the full power and ingenuity of a country like the US break-down? And then be closed? Did they forget a screw or bolt? Did they not dig the base support deep enough? I mean, seriously, this is absurd. But then again. American debt and the inability to pay is just as absurd.

Only in America, baby. So many wrongs continue to make so many…


Rant on.