Work Worth It?

Going on fifteen years without a full-time job. Two reasons for that. 1) Baby Boomer generation proves that it’s finally worth it to quit your job to pursue a dream (it’s even worth it to fail at that pursuit). 2) Working, or as it should be known, compulsive behaviorism, is financially NOT worth it. Twenty years ago I realized the significance of being raised by a generation that could buy a house for twenty-five-thousand dollars and sell it thirty years later for five times the purchase price. Now the cost of a home is (approximately) ten times as much as it was in the seventies. Not trying to gloat here but the choices I made, as hard and ridiculed as they were–which basically included nothing but doing the opposite of what everybody else did/does–was worth it. With that in mind, quit your day job, lower your expectations, stop procreating and/or defining your existence through feelings dictated by others and a society run amok. According to stats you don’t have a chance (of achieving what your parents did) anyway. But I digress. Good luck.

June Full-Time Jobs Plunge By Over Half A Million, Part-Time Jobs Surge By 800K, Most Since 1993 | Zero Hedge.