Down With The Old

No. Seriously. Who is criticizing Amazon? Could the critics be those who are in favor of the old economy artificially and coercively maintaining the status-quo in the publishing world? Ok. Let’s face the music here. I for one am tickled to now be a regular buyer of e-books. It’s been three years since I’ve bought a physical book–and I never read more than I do now. So. Is Amazon abusing its power by subverting (or trying to subvert) a brick-n-mortar publisher? I suppose if it were abusing power and thereby NOT paying “royalties” to all the unknown and rejected writers that it has brought to the limelight by giving them a platform to publish on then maybe I could empathize with this whole ordeal. In fact, my only worst-complaint is that there isn’t enough competition to Amazon. Rant on, baby.

Bezos Offers Authors A Bribe |