Solar vs Fracking

Found my (worst)self at a community meeting yesterday where a solar project was being presented to members. Living in Germany gave me a bit of an advantage, since that country is somewhat ahead in utilizing the sun for power–even though the friggin sun rarely shines there. What astonished me about this meeting was how the audience, mostly retired folk, I was the youngest there (at 50), were so skeptical about solar power. It was clear in the eyes of the representatives from the solar company that they had faced this level of skepticism before. Hats off to them for holding their own and countering so much skepticism. Yet there was one elderly gentleman that stood out. He was pushing 70 and a typical retiree of the area. He was trying to convince the community members that they should be skeptical of solar because–get this!–America is currently in an energy surplus boom. The country is actually starting to export energy, he said. Why should we invest in something that is mostly promoted via tax incentives, he continued. Needless to say I was astonished but not surprised. But the old man did get me with one thing. He actually added that we should all support fracking because that was where most of America’s surplus energy would come from. Wow.

Rooftop Solar Power in Australia Forced Fossil Fuel Plants to Give Away Free Electricity – Truthdig.