Highest Hoard

Comparisons. Compare on a daily basis living between countries. What a bore. What a drag. But sometimes a comparison or three is worth it. Especially when I’m visiting “home”. Like. Reading the articles below, for example. Couldn’t help but think about all the times I’ve walked around Germaninland in the middle of night only to see the same empty (and dark) apartments that I would see during the day whenever I had to search for a new rental. You know. Renting in Germania is a bitch. Seriously. For one thing, no matter what anyone tells you about how that country is doing, it’s all bullshit. Their accounting books are managed the same way as any other country’s accounting books. Which means it’s all a mess and the only thing government does there is manage the whims of the elite. But things have changed somewhat for worst-moi as my better-half decided it is time to BUY a house–I guess she had rented enough. So we started looking about three years ago. And you know the difference between buying a house and renting an apartment in Germania? There is no difference. Like apartments, real-estate (and everything else) is hoarded. And it’s all hoarded to favor a small group of investors which also protects the government from complete collapse. If there is any difference in real-estate acquisition between my beloved American’t and snobby Germania, the Germania government does serve the collective a tick better. That is, there are laws that only allow so-much exploitation of renters. Wow, eh. Nomatter. The articles below made me laugh at the authors of them. What do American’ts expect when an apartment in NYC goes for ninety million dollars? Do they expect this not to happen? Do they expect this apartment to not sell to a rich foreigner? Jesus H Tiddly Winks! And I thought I was the only one out there in the blogosphere to write shit about all that’s krapp. Double wow. Rant on.

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