Fail Not Alone

America was a country founded by failures who could not get along in the Old World and who came to a wilderness because there was simply no place else to go. A fascinating article that I wish I read when it was first published in 1976. Wow. What was I wasting my youth on in 1976? … Continue reading Fail Not Alone

Struck Who Most

On way back from PHL airport yesterday I was struck by two things. 1) There was no traffic on July 4 in and around the southern part of Philadelphia--even though I was expecting hell-traffic on account of the holiday and DE closing a major bridge/highway in the area. But hold a sec. There was some … Continue reading Struck Who Most

Über Confusing

The Krugman usually never confuses me. The Krugman is the man! That's what I dig about him. I also dig that I can understand most of the stuff he blogs about. You know, economic stuff. Or--maybe not. In fact, it would probably be über-cool to have him as a professor--I bet he's a good teacher. … Continue reading Über Confusing

Do Not Enter Taxation

Tommi's, aka worst-writer's, prediction of the day and some lazy, pseudo armchair economics. But first, a question. Being home for a few weeks is both thrilling and daunting. Thrilling because I love it here--even though when I'm here I'm at the beach but all I do is work on Mom's house. It's daunting here because … Continue reading Do Not Enter Taxation

Krapp 2014

The aftermath of recent Supreme rulings starting to trickle in. It cannot be said enough. While American'ts vote their feelings, mostly derived from wingnut pundits and the inalienable right to remain stupid regarding the lies of krapp like reducing taxes or reducing government, etc., the true face of what conservatives have done has never reared … Continue reading Krapp 2014

Work Worth It?

Going on fifteen years without a full-time job. Two reasons for that. 1) Baby Boomer generation proves that it's finally worth it to quit your job to pursue a dream (it's even worth it to fail at that pursuit). 2) Working, or as it should be known, compulsive behaviorism, is financially NOT worth it. Twenty years … Continue reading Work Worth It?

Rosemarie Or Rose Marry

Cut down our rosemarry bush today. Well. I didn't cut it down completely. But in the words of the redneck (who I am) and the thoughts of the vulgar (who I should be?) I thoroughly decapitated a mostly dying four square foot colossal rose-merry bush today. We had it growing on the south side of … Continue reading Rosemarie Or Rose Marry