Law & Disorder

"I would a thousand times rather be the most incorrigible convict than this hireling of those who are trying to maintain law and order. Law and order! Finally, when you see it staring at you through the barrel of a rifle, you know what it means. A bas puissance, justice, histoire! If society has to … Continue reading Law & Disorder

Fly Change Not

At last count I've been flying across the Atlantic at least once a year, mostly between FRA and the mid-Atlantic coast USA, for the better part of twenty-five years. If I worst-say that's a quarter century, does that make it sound more significant? But these trips go even further back to when I was a … Continue reading Fly Change Not

Old School

Why blogging will fail (when compared to OLD SCHOOL journalism?): the writing isn't about the person doing the writing. Or something like that. Rant on.

Green Hell Cool

One of the coolest things about riding around the Green Hell aka Nürburgring is when you come across German car makers testing their newest mass, über-priced creations. Sometimes they disguise the vehicles so well you can't tell what brand they are. I bet BMW and the lot have departments in their corporate dungeons with people … Continue reading Green Hell Cool

Ice Wankers

Note: unfinished post. You know what it's like when you can't find that famous quote? The quote that fits exactly what you're trying to convey? You can't find it because it's been misplaced, lost, dissolved to where only its burnt shadow still exists. But you're sure that both the quote existed and it came from … Continue reading Ice Wankers

The Artist Is

"Admitting this, I nevertheless firmly believe that no world order, no world harmony, is possible until the artist assumes leadership. I mean by this that the artist in man must come to the fore, over against the patriot, the warrior, the diplomat, the fanatical idealist, the misguided revolutionary. It is not against the gods man … Continue reading The Artist Is

Politics For Stupid

Where the lost go? The road to nowhere. The small (minded) animal running in his run-wheel. And. Worst-writer is never surprised when he comes across yet another article that misses everything it should or could be about. But don't get me wrong. I'm not an opinion killer--like I was way back when I worked for … Continue reading Politics For Stupid

Throw Like A…

Things beautiful. Like. Crabs from my beloved (and missed) Chesapeake, walking along marshlands on the eastern shore of MD, catching a sunrise as it awakes my mid-Atlantic. But there is something else beautiful. Even though I don't really follow sports much anymore, while in the US recently and drinking my sorrows away at whatever pub … Continue reading Throw Like A…

Dad Would Be Proud

Can't remember the first time I heard Sean Lennon sing. It's been a few years. Why do I want to remember? Nomatter. What I do remember is how his voice sounds so familiar. Whether I compared it to The White Album, Revolver or Abbey Road, I can't help but hear Lennon's father in that voice. And that's … Continue reading Dad Would Be Proud

Another Mirror

Do you really believe Ferguson is a problem because of militarizing the police? Although I worst-believe that military equipment should not be trickled down to the common folk of a war-mongering nation, the police have been militarized since I can remember--the only difference being their equipment changes with every war. The fact that war-mongers made money … Continue reading Another Mirror

Strange Fruit

As American't finds no shame in its behavior, there is only the slight hope that remorse will join the ride of history to tell this story. Ferguson is yet another example of the true face of who and what we are. Fiddle with your ideas of militarized police or dabble in explanation of government behavior. There are … Continue reading Strange Fruit

Disingenuous Defined

While reading this article I couldn't help but think about the people who came up with publishing something like this and then I tried to worst-imagine the people who read it (excluding moi, of course). I mean, this paper is the only "national" paper in the country. It's available at newsstands everywhere, in every hotel … Continue reading Disingenuous Defined

The Loser

Don’t blame yourself because of the courses in college you didn’t take, the job you changed or the amount of money you don’t have. There is a social and economic problem today and you are the victim. Blaming yourself only supports the illusion that you can solve the problem. What a painful thing this is … Continue reading The Loser

If I Were A Rich Man

Normally I praise the place I live because it is a pretty good example of a country governed by law & order. For the most part that holds true because Germans are still rather obsessed with Ordnung, although this is waning. More importantly, Germans are obsessed with maintaining the machine that provides them so much sustenance: the German nation-state-corporation … Continue reading If I Were A Rich Man

Mutiny Conundrum

"Is it actually true that Christopher Columbus gave false information to his sailors regarding the position of his ship so they couldn't find their way back, in the event of a mutiny?" -Sam Shepard, Day Out Of Days

Scavenger Econ

Oh, dear worst-reader, we are living in scavenger times. These are times where all that is left are scraps. You know, the scraps left over by the other half. You know, the haves and the have-mores. Oh, how they laugh and giggle as we jostle around, tinker to nowhere, continue on our beloved pathway of … Continue reading Scavenger Econ


How is humanity controlled? Three things need to be done to establish complete control. In this post we will cover the first. So. First, you must do two things at once and you must do them at the same time. You must castrate and cut out the tongue. That way all future conflicts of interest … Continue reading Controlled