Law & Disorder

“I would a thousand times rather be the most incorrigible convict than this hireling of those who are trying to maintain law and order. Law and order! Finally, when you see it staring at you through the barrel of a rifle, you know what it means. A bas puissance, justice, histoire! If society has to be protected by these inhuman monsters then to hell with society! If at the bottom of law and order there is only a man armed to the teeth, a man without a heart, without a conscience, then law and order are meaningless.” -Henry Miller, The Soul Of Anaesthesia, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

Moral Self License

There you have it, dear worst-reader. Moral Self Licensing. When vocabulary finally catches up to the antics then you know all is well. Until then, there has to be an explanation for how so many can just follow the herd without any self intellectual recourse. Or is that recourse waiting in the wings to show its true face? Nomatter. And. I’m not complaining that no one “nominated” me to dump ice water on my head. I guess you have to have friends and a “network” for something like that. I wouldn’t do it anyway, though, because: 1) Charity is probably the best example of moral self licensing. 2) Giving to the needy, as they say, just feels really skewed these days while so many live only for their wants. 3) Never follow the herd. And there you have it. Rant on.

Fly Change Not

At last count I’ve been flying across the Atlantic at least once a year, mostly between FRA and the mid-Atlantic coast USA, for the better part of twenty-five years. If I worst-say that’s a quarter century, does that make it sound more significant? But these trips go even further back to when I was a kid. I remember flying on a 707. I remember “World Airways” which was not the same as Trans World Airways or TWA. I remember Eastern Airlines, Pan Am, etc. There was even one flight I took, I can’t remember the name of the airline, but it flew from IAD (Wash Dulles) to London for something like $75. This was in the early 1980s. The catch was you had to bring your own food and drink and you were limited to one piece of luggage. Obviously the airline didn’t last that long but because it was just a flight and not the whole BS of airline krapp food and airline krapp service, I liked it. So much for DIY airlines, eh. Nomatter. The recent news reports of people trying to take some control back regarding the discomfort offered them by airlines makes worst-moi cringe. As stated in the link below, there’s trouble in them-there friendly skies. The culprit? The “Knee-Defender” and really stupid travelers that think they, like so many in American’t these days, are entitled to reclining their seats to the max thereby imposing their discomfort on some one else’s comfort. Wait. Stop. Reverse that. Or maybe not. Again. Nomatter. I think it’s hi-larry-us that some airlines have made emergency landings because the sheople, the morons that have done nothing other than follow someone else in the game of musical-chairs that some also call life, and thereby cause a bit of havoc to an industry that–and be assured that this is true–has not changed since I started flying a quarter century ago. In fact, let me take that one step further. Not only has the airline industry profited tremendously from people like me and people unlike me, you know, who just want to fly somewhere, but they have also ruined the whole friggin show. The whipper-snappers that run airlines today are the best example there is of American’t business dysfunction and prove both college education and misconstrued ambition lead to absolute NOTHINGNESS. But I’m worst-rambling, eh. Let me try to simplify this worst-thought. The airline industry has not changed in the slightest in the past twenty-five years. In fact, it’s obviously gotten worse. Airlines can easily change seating configurations in order to provide a bit more leg-room for people. But they do not. They could also change seating configurations to allow people to open a thirteen inch laptop in economy class, but they do not. So when two dipshits, one having the fortitude to purchase something like a knee-defender to stop the other dipshit from crushing his knees because she thinks she is entitled to put her seat all the way back, thereby causing a serious verbal and perhaps physical altercation, and then the airline having to resort to flight marshals and emergency landings, well, ha, ha, ha! How deserving airlines are of this situation–that they have created. Because this isn’t a problem caused by ornery passengers. It is a problem airline executives have brought on themselves as they can’t over-come the greed and bad-management they embody. Of course, does anyone out there really want to look at the root of this problem? Of course not. So you might as well join worst-moi, dear worst-reader. And learn, as I have done, to deal with the abuse airlines so casually dish out to us. The musical-flying-chairs of life go on. Rant on.

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Green Hell Cool

One of the coolest things about riding around the Green Hell aka Nürburgring is when you come across German car makers testing their newest mass, über-priced creations. Sometimes they disguise the vehicles so well you can’t tell what brand they are. I bet BMW and the lot have departments in their corporate dungeons with people hired solely to figure out how to mask all their test vehicles so they can test them on open roads. I remember riding the Green Hell years ago and seeing what would later be BMWs X4, X6 cars. At the time there was no way to tell they were from BMW or any other brand, they were so well disguised. I mean, come on, for all practical purposes, one of the reasons Germans build these cars so well is because they use the roads of über-Germania as a testing facility. You know, no speed limits and when you need to go to eleven (when you need über-more) you test at the Green Hell. Seriously, they do this krapp. In fact, part of über-more is they even use the extremes of Sweden to test their cars within the polar circle. But the über-coolness doesn’t stop there. Check out today’s worst-link, dear worst-reader. One of the bozo corporate peons testing the new M3 screwed the pooch. Enough time to get a few picks of the new side grill, spoilers, other minuscule design details–and an example of how they try to hide those details–that make many so many penis enviers and their über-love of cars quiver like little gurls in spring. Rant on.

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Ice Wankers

Note: unfinished post.

You know what it’s like when you can’t find that famous quote? The quote that fits exactly what you’re trying to convey? You can’t find it because it’s been misplaced, lost, dissolved to where only its burnt shadow still exists. But you’re sure that both the quote existed and it came from somewhere or someone famous. Yeah, that’s frustrating. Oh well. I guess, like other works of art, fiction and hieroglyphics, the show must go on–whether you know the origin of the quote or not. So I’m gonna try and bring that quote anyway, dear worst-reader. I’m gonna bring it as best I can. Here it goes.

Charity is an excuse to hide the greed, malice and contempt human beings have toward one another because they can’t cope with the intricacies and complexities of life. Whether its a few bucks here or a few million there, supporting a little league baseball team or finding a cure for whatever, other than the money exchanged, nothing ever comes from charity except for a few seconds of relief .

You know the real thing about charity? Like so many other things that appeal or are popular it’s to get at the truth of what it’s all about. The music business is a great example of this. I believe, for example, that the reason The Beatles will go down in history as musical geniuses is because the band saw through their own popularism. They knew that to move beyond the girl screaming non-sense of their beginnings they had to let their creative juices flow.



Rant on.

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