When There's Nothing To Fall Back On

Why is it worst-writer loves reading about demise? Being worst doesn’t necessarily mean I’m one of them negative types. Or does it have anything to do with the fact that I was an Aussteiger* before it was fashionable? Now that I see all this demise taking place in real-time, I get a kind of a overtly tickling feeling of Schadenfreude that makes me snicker and coagulate. I mean, things are so bad in The West right now that most folk surely can’t sense it. Ok. Granted. Most automatons know that things are bad on account of their wallets. But again. I just laugh at them. For sure, it doesn’t have to be so, that I’m the only one to have seen all this demise coming almost twenty years ago. I even sensed the rise of all the new buzzwords like under-employment, negative income, SUV choke syndrome. Then there was the time I failed at selling a reality TV show called: This Is What Happens When The Greatest Nation-State Resorts To Real Estate Speculation To Support Itself. And then there’s my latest TV show sell which too will fail because it is even more real: Reality Now: The Carnage Of Consuming To Survive: An American Happy Story. But I digress. And. The article linked below is pretty good at summarizing all that can go wrong when a country allows itself to be Enron-ized. Good luck, suckers. Rant on. *Someone who drops-out of the work-force to pursue other things like being human and not acquiescing to the vulgarities of animalistic human nature. Or something like that.

When Bill Murray and Ayn Rand Meet It’s Not Ground Hog Day | Salon.com