If I Were A Rich Man

Normally I praise the place I live because it is a pretty good example of a country governed by law & order. For the most part that holds true because Germans are still rather obsessed with Ordnung, although this is waning. More importantly, Germans are obsessed with maintaining the machine that provides them so much sustenance: the German nation-state-corporation machine. Unlike the UK or my grand united mistakes of American’t, places that believe more in the individual and less in the nation-state-corporation, Germany isn’t a place that squanders its justice system. At the least you don’t hear about that system much in international news. Again. That is probably due to the German mentality where, as the saying goes, there’s a policeman in every German. Enter the wonders of Bernie Ecclestone, his F1 circus and a bribery case that has made world-wide headlines recently. Luckily there are plenty of articles out there to inform one about this case and the fact that this Euro-trash slime-ball was able to subvert German justice in the only way possible: pay-off the nation-state-corporation. Which makes the whole case kind of ironic. The Germans want to prosecute Ecclestone for bribery that is connected to another German but what ends up happening is that Ecclestone bribes the Germans to let him off. But here’s the real important thing that no is talking about. The Germans should have never brought this case to court. But their hate has gotten the best of them. Ecclestone has been sticking it to the Germans with F1 rights for years. Now that hate subverts a pretty clean judicial record. The significance of this bribery case isn’t how much Ecclestone is paying into the nation-state-corporation coffers. The significance is the fact Germany is just another country that uses law & order as a designation on a balance sheet. Way to go krauts. Rant on.

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