Dad Would Be Proud

goastt album

Can’t remember the first time I heard Sean Lennon sing. It’s been a few years. Why do I want to remember? Nomatter. What I do remember is how his voice sounds so familiar. Whether I compared it to The White Album, Revolver or Abbey Road, I can’t help but hear Lennon’s father in that voice. And that’s always been a good thing. What a joy it is, too. Especially now that this new album has been in my ears for the better part of three weeks. I can’t stop listening to Midnight Sun by The GOASTT, Sean Lennon’s collaboration with Charlotte Kemp Muhl. That these young lovers have come up with something so original and yet something that reflects a past so worth not passing by–as so many other pop artists and bands do these days–is worth every minute I’m listening to it. Sure, there are a few songs I skip over but that’s only because I want to rock-out to “Too Deep” or “Devil You Know”. When I played the album for a friend she remarked that the music made her nervous. It is exactly that which probably turned me on to it. Somehow rhythm mixed with melody should activate a nerve or three. Although I won’t go into trying to categorise the music, what appeals to me most is the range the album encompasses between classic and psychedelic rock, something folksy and a twang of pop going back to when Sean’s father did the same. Whether intentional or by accident, the sound is all that really matters. The music is just a pleasure to listen to. Hats off to these two for finding the perfect grind between composition and creativity. Grand.

Rant on.