Throw Like A…

Things beautiful. Like. Crabs from my beloved (and missed) Chesapeake, walking along marshlands on the eastern shore of MD, catching a sunrise as it awakes my mid-Atlantic. But there is something else beautiful. Even though I don’t really follow sports much anymore, while in the US recently and drinking my sorrows away at whatever pub here and there, I couldn’t help but watch the LLWS. It reminded me of the beauty of sports, especially when one is young and there is nothing else in the world but a ball, a team and trying to win. Oh, those days are gone. But the spirit of them remains–and at times it is worth every agonizing memory. When I focus, when the belly isn’t full of too much drink, I can still smell the fresh grass of those fields when I played for Polk High, wasting my life, indeed, but play I did. Putting all the remorse aside, there is still beauty in sports. Especially the game I never played. That’s right. I played (American) Football, Lacrosse, Tennis, I wrestled (but only briefly) and really liked basketball but couldn’t fit it in my schedule. Of all the regrets in this wasted worst-life, though, I miss not having at least try to play baseball. It is, to worst-moi, the best game there is. Full stop. I love watching it. Especially the pitcher and the batter. There is something to that relationship. And when the crack of the ball meeting the bat occurs, the fascination swells. But I’m monologuing again. What I really want to worst-write about today, dear worst-reader, is the phenomenon Mo’ne Davis. A thirteen year old girl from PA who just made the cover of Sports Illustrated and is taking the baseball loving world by storm. Also included is a link to a video. Watch how she takes out her last batter with a 3-1 count. It is astonishing! With that in mind. You go gurl! Rant on.

LLWS sensation Mo’ne Davis on this week’s Sports Illustrated cover – More Sports –

Mo’ne Davis Vid | Go ca. 4:50 for 3-1 strike-out | YouTube