Politics For Stupid

Where the lost go? The road to nowhere. The small (minded) animal running in his run-wheel. And. Worst-writer is never surprised when he comes across yet another article that misses everything it should or could be about. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not an opinion killer–like I was way back when I worked for the man. Yeah. I remember it all so well. When I worked for corporation A or corporation #4. And all the morons I had to work with. Everyday was just another day of working with idiots. How I loved killing their mindless, reactionary opinions. And so. The name of the game should be changed. It should no longer be called a career but instead it should be called what it really is: Musical Chairs. Nomatter. The article below got under my skin, dear worst-reader. The only thing interesting about it and the subject of the reddening of America is that there is no mention of political ideology. That’s right. The only thing interesting about the whole post is what it doesn’t address. For. It really doesn’t matter if you are democrat or republican. Red or blue. The real problem is conservative ideology. Red or blue doesn’t signal conservative or liberal, btw. As I’ve said before–and experienced with every visit to the US in the past twenty years–Americans have been overwhelmed with politics because they can’t admit that Capitalism should be separate from politics. Capitalism is not a political system. Americans simply cannot handle politics because we have been brainwashed. This is the real magic of Reaganomics and the subsequent conservative revolution (embodied best by Newt Gingrich in the 90s). Reagan did what Nixon and other conservatives couldn’t do: mobile those, mostly from the South first, and their lust for grievance, sentiment and belonging so that they participate in the political system and by doing so act/vote against their best interests. It is truly phenomenal what conservatives have done, how they’ve made fools out of so many Americans. But hey, what can one do? I had a political conversation with a couple as recent as last week while visiting my country of birth. The man was a banker from a big city and complained about earning only 200k last year. Even though he admitted Dubya was a problem–and he even likes Obama–he still only votes republican. Well there you have it. He has been so convinced (by conservatism) that liberalism is the enemy that he can only vote one way. Wow, man. I think that is astonishing. Such a blatant display of willful self destruction and self-imposed ignorance. When I told him that America is the greatest socialist nation ever he got really confused. I added that the socialism he lives and works for just doesn’t include him–because he’s not rich enough for it–he was really confused. Then I added that the real reason the Soviets lost the Cold War was all about it not taking care of the people that worked and slaved for the ideology behind it. Yeah, a banker living large in a big city in America in 2014, earning 200k a year is the best America can offer. Which means, America is so… game over. And so. To avoid self destruction, to solve any of the problems at hand, at least two generations of Americans have to die right now. But at least I’m no opinion killer. Rant on.

50 Years Of Political Polarization, My Bunghole | zerohedge.com