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You know what it’s like when you can’t find that famous quote? The quote that fits exactly what you’re trying to convey? You can’t find it because it’s been misplaced, lost, dissolved to where only its burnt shadow still exists. But you’re sure that both the quote existed and it came from somewhere or someone famous. Yeah, that’s frustrating. Oh well. I guess, like other works of art, fiction and hieroglyphics, the show must go on–whether you know the origin of the quote or not. So I’m gonna try and bring that quote anyway, dear worst-reader. I’m gonna bring it as best I can. Here it goes.

Charity is an excuse to hide the greed, malice and contempt human beings have toward one another because they can’t cope with the intricacies and complexities of life. Whether its a few bucks here or a few million there, supporting a little league baseball team or finding a cure for whatever, other than the money exchanged, nothing ever comes from charity except for a few seconds of relief .

You know the real thing about charity? Like so many other things that appeal or are popular it’s to get at the truth of what it’s all about. The music business is a great example of this. I believe, for example, that the reason The Beatles will go down in history as musical geniuses is because the band saw through their own popularism. They knew that to move beyond the girl screaming non-sense of their beginnings they had to let their creative juices flow.



Rant on.

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