Green Hell Cool

One of the coolest things about riding around the Green Hell aka Nürburgring is when you come across German car makers testing their newest mass, über-priced creations. Sometimes they disguise the vehicles so well you can’t tell what brand they are. I bet BMW and the lot have departments in their corporate dungeons with people hired solely to figure out how to mask all their test vehicles so they can test them on open roads. I remember riding the Green Hell years ago and seeing what would later be BMWs X4, X6 cars. At the time there was no way to tell they were from BMW or any other brand, they were so well disguised. I mean, come on, for all practical purposes, one of the reasons Germans build these cars so well is because they use the roads of über-Germania as a testing facility. You know, no speed limits and when you need to go to eleven (when you need über-more) you test at the Green Hell. Seriously, they do this krapp. In fact, part of über-more is they even use the extremes of Sweden to test their cars within the polar circle. But the über-coolness doesn’t stop there. Check out today’s worst-link, dear worst-reader. One of the bozo corporate peons testing the new M3 screwed the pooch. Enough time to get a few picks of the new side grill, spoilers, other minuscule design details–and an example of how they try to hide those details–that make many so many penis enviers and their über-love of cars quiver like little gurls in spring. Rant on.

Hiding Design Intricacies 101 | whatever Online Auto Magazine