Getting Old Is A Bitch

Started The Atlantic article but was quickly bored of it. Set it virtually aside in a to-read-later pouch on my iPad. But then was listening to a podcast while walking Groger, my half Doberman, half Pug killer puppy. The podcast reawakened my interest in The Atlantic article because, well, the podcaster was able to break through the … Continue reading Getting Old Is A Bitch

Puzzled By Creation

"I think that I might have done well at banking had I not been so carefully trained to be either a priest nor a warrior. Although I have the Persian noble's contempt for trade, I lack his passion for war and hunting and drinking to excess. Although I have a priest's deep knowledge of religion, … Continue reading Puzzled By Creation

The Bums Lost

Can't get a particular scene from the movie The Big Lebowski out of my head today. When The Dude confronts Lebowski about his carpet for the first time, at the end of the conversation, while The Dude is walking out of his office, Lebowski yells: "Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost." What Lebowski … Continue reading The Bums Lost

Is You Stupid

Security, security, security, privacy. Security, security, security, privacy. Selfies! And don't forget the pictures your loving boyfriend took of you while you were preparing for a modeling gig or a movie and you just happened to be in the buff at that moment and not that sexy underwear from the company that should be paying you … Continue reading Is You Stupid

Security Data Ukraine

Another contribution to the Interwebnets containing an email exchange with an old friend. At times this friend brings the best out of me but other times s/he does not. Nomatter. The point is to think, express those thoughts, get them down for re-reading and then figure out what drove worst-moi to write/contribute in the first place. … Continue reading Security Data Ukraine

Examples Of Ignorance

It's 2014--if you've forgotten. Or maybe you avoid the clock all the same. Nomatter, dear worst-reader. For today we have yet another example of American't ignorance and how that ignorance rules/governs everything. Or maybe not. First. The situation. Or should I call it: Reality? Either way, in 2014 a huge chunk of America still has … Continue reading Examples Of Ignorance