Brat Bier Und Witz

“Die Behauptung kommt in die erste Zeile. Der Journalismus in der letzten Satz.”

Translation of above text: The statement comes in the first line. Journalism is in the last sentence. The moment the sketch (below) goes black and white I started to worry. For you see, dear worst-reader, there are things to be afraid of in this world–and one of them is most certainly Germans making fun of themselves (or in this case German news reporting) regarding yet another Eurowasteland crisis that no one seems to understand but obviously stems out of a not so distant history. Oh my. This is what happens when you take the funny out of Monty Python and feed it too much Bratwurst, Bier and these oh-so great days of absolute functional social market economics. (Sarcasm off.) Or something like that. Rant on.

Getting Old Is A Bitch

Started The Atlantic article but was quickly bored of it. Set it virtually aside in a to-read-later pouch on my iPad. But then was listening to a podcast while walking Groger, my half Doberman, half Pug killer puppy. The podcast reawakened my interest in The Atlantic article because, well, the podcaster was able to break through the stuff that originally bored me. So I started it again and realized, especially since I recently experienced someone close to me who died at 76, that there is a lot to be said about someone writing about wanting to die at 75. Obviously the arthur of this article makes a lot of scientific sense but ultimately generalizes about his premise, which is basically about how human beings should know when to call it quits after you’ve long passed your prime. But there is something else in the subtext of what is being addressed here. Turning 75 and surpassing the ability to be a creative and productive part of society is just another way of avoiding the reality that not only as a society but also as a culture the America experiment has failed. The reality is, getting old in America is now officially a BITCH. In other words, you wanna die old and comfortable in America? Then all you have to do is afford it! That worst-said, the one thing that bugs me about making such a scientific claim and thereby justifying a call to death outside of the realm of morality and ethics, is that the arthur of the Die At 75 article denies the choice of euthanasia as an alternative to old age and disease. I, for one, find that strange and reason enough to discount the arthur’s argument or, at best, consider it weak and biased. Or something like that. Just check out the links below for the point-counter-point of wanting to die at 75. And remember. It’s time to start thinking about death. Because it’s not only inevitable it’s now a part of (y)our consume-to-survive American’t dream. Yeah, baby.

Why I Hope to Die at 75 – The Atlantic.

Someone Is Wrong About Aging – Obviously?

Puzzled By Creation

“I think that I might have done well at banking had I not been so carefully trained to be either a priest nor a warrior. Although I have the Persian noble’s contempt for trade, I lack his passion for war and hunting and drinking to excess. Although I have a priest’s deep knowledge of religion, I am not certain what is true. Although I once heard the voice of the Wise Lord, I confess now in my old age that to hear and to listen are two different things. I am puzzled by creation.” -Gore Vidal, Creation – Book Six – The Passing of the Awesome Royal Glory.

The Bums Lost

man of the year.png

Can’t get a particular scene from the movie The Big Lebowski out of my head today. When The Dude confronts Lebowski about his carpet for the first time, at the end of the conversation, while The Dude is walking out of his office, Lebowski yells: “Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost.” What Lebowski is referring to is the fact that he thinks (knows?) The Dude is a hippy and/or a liberal–at the least, The Dude is not a republican. Of course, what Lebowski thinks of The Dude is irrelevant. And. The Dude ends up scamming him anyway of one of his carpets. Of course, in the movie, it’s not real clear if The Dude is one of those bums. And this is where I’m confused today. What is the difference between the two parties that make up American’t these days? Is there clarity in trying to find a difference? Is the question even worth asking? The only thing that is clear from how the movie The Big Lebowski opens is that The Dude, according to the cowboy narrator at the beginning, is a lazy man. Are there lazy men in our political system? Nomatter. The scene described above rings in my head today because I might be a bit obsessed with American’t conservatism and how to explain that conservatism–and how it and it alone has put American’t in the situation it is currently in–to a three year old, i.e. the American’t population or the three people that read this worst-blog. Please keep in mind, when I say “conservative” I’m not picking political sides. They do not matter to me. Instead I wish to fully understand the ideology of conservatism because it is in that ideology all answers can be found. I’m sure of it. But how does one explain it? With the scene of a movie? Is there another analogy? I’m sure there are plenty of both but will I find one today before the bee struggling to get through my closed window either dies or succeeds? Or something like that.

Rant on.


The Few Who Would Not Play The Game

“Then these are the basic rules of a government in a free society: to provide a means whereby we can modify the rules, mediate differences among us on the meaning of the rules, and to enforce compliance with the rules on the part of those few who would otherwise not play the game.” -Milton Friedman, Government As Rule Maker and Umpire, Capitalism and Freedom Fortieth Anniversary Edition

The Art of Getting It Wrong

Nice try sassy-brit-boy. I mean. Seriously. When are people gonna wake up to all these British accents on American’t TV? Are they cute accents? Does the way this guy talk sound more convincing somehow? Nomatter. The thing to worst-remember about the vid-link below is how sassy-brit-boy gets only part of it right. For example. It’s not an issue of student debt being bigger than credit card debt and awwtoe-loan debt. Those debts would be higher if the consume part of consume-to-survive wasn’t put on hold in order to allow Empire to absorb the massive debts created by a country of greedy war mongers. That’s right, baby. American’t hasn’t even begun to pay for the Dubya war years (on account it has to first deal with the new century depression that he caused) which means the economy is pretty much on hold for the foreseeable future. So where is there still a chance to make money by lending money? Student loans, baby. So I guess that’s where sassy-brit-boy gets something right in his rant. Yet.  Maybe he should say more about the parents that elected the greedy war mongers and borrowed so much to buy their second or third house and pseudo yacht and, of course, co-signed for their prodigy’s higher education, etc. Oh well. It’s not about student loans surpassing other forms of atypical American’t debt. It’s also not about for-profit colleges that have found a way to take advantage of the system. (For that is the American’t way, baby!) Sassy-brit-boy’s rant should be: what will all these young people who graduate from colleges with diplomas and IOUs really bring to the world? And there is a precedent to answer that question. Just look at all the college grads running the show now. Good luck suckers. Rant on.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Student Debt HBO – YouTube.