Brat Bier Und Witz

“Die Behauptung kommt in die erste Zeile. Der Journalismus in der letzten Satz.”

Translation of above text: The statement comes in the first line. Journalism is in the last sentence. The moment the sketch (below) goes black and white I started to worry. For you see, dear worst-reader, there are things to be afraid of in this world–and one of them is most certainly Germans making fun of themselves (or in this case German news reporting) regarding yet another Eurowasteland crisis that no one seems to understand but obviously stems out of a not so distant history. Oh my. This is what happens when you take the funny out of Monty Python and feed it too much Bratwurst, Bier and these oh-so great days of absolute functional social market economics. (Sarcasm off.) Or something like that. Rant on.