Getting Old Is A Bitch

Started The Atlantic article but was quickly bored of it. Set it virtually aside in a to-read-later pouch on my iPad. But then was listening to a podcast while walking Groger, my half Doberman, half Pug killer puppy. The podcast reawakened my interest in The Atlantic article because, well, the podcaster was able to break through the stuff that originally bored me. So I started it again and realized, especially since I recently experienced someone close to me who died at 76, that there is a lot to be said about someone writing about wanting to die at 75. Obviously the arthur of this article makes a lot of scientific sense but ultimately generalizes about his premise, which is basically about how human beings should know when to call it quits after you’ve long passed your prime. But there is something else in the subtext of what is being addressed here. Turning 75 and surpassing the ability to be a creative and productive part of society is just another way of avoiding the reality that not only as a society but also as a culture the America experiment has failed. The reality is, getting old in America is now officially a BITCH. In other words, you wanna die old and comfortable in America? Then all you have to do is afford it! That worst-said, the one thing that bugs me about making such a scientific claim and thereby justifying a call to death outside of the realm of morality and ethics, is that the arthur of the Die At 75 article denies the choice of euthanasia as an alternative to old age and disease. I, for one, find that strange and reason enough to discount the arthur’s argument or, at best, consider it weak and biased. Or something like that. Just check out the links below for the point-counter-point of wanting to die at 75. And remember. It’s time to start thinking about death. Because it’s not only inevitable it’s now a part of (y)our consume-to-survive American’t dream. Yeah, baby.

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