The Other Half

What really got me worst-thinking about feminism, that is, how to define it, dear worst-reader, was the 2008 election. I was watching a news podcast or some youtube video where women were being interviewed at the beach about the upcoming election. Indeed, dear worst-reader, asking bikini ladies about Hillary Clinton while soaking up the sun is a wondrous venue … Continue reading The Other Half


Take into consideration, dear worst-reader, before you read the link below, that I am from Washington DC. I went to dumb-down school just south of the nations capital and my US address (when I'm in the US) is just east of it. I also lived in Virginia for a short stint of this/my useless-eating life. Boy, do I … Continue reading Plunderful


"Human beings to flourish must be possessed by one idea, a central meaning to which all experience can be related." -Gore Vidal (Essay: Contemporaries: The Norman Mailer Syndrome, 1960)

Interwebnet Insecurity

Oh, dear worst-reader, here yet another exchange I recently had with a dear old friend. As you know, from other exchanges (here and here), sometimes we get places--intellectual places. But other times we just ramble on. The point is, ramble, worst-writer. Yeah, that's the point. Anywho. I know you're probably wondering if any of this … Continue reading Interwebnet Insecurity


What about those moments where it's no longer a matter of being confused about crying or laughing? I worst-mean, on the one hand this was bound to happen: a lesbian couple fulfilling a dream but only to wake up to that dream's reality. On the other, I'm laughing my ass off at a society/world where … Continue reading Miswant