What about those moments where it’s no longer a matter of being confused about crying or laughing? I worst-mean, on the one hand this was bound to happen: a lesbian couple fulfilling a dream but only to wake up to that dream’s reality. On the other, I’m laughing my ass off at a society/world where it is proven every day that litigation and profiting from it has no boundaries. In a world run amok due to human ignorance and miswant there is (can be) no hope nor fate and all that’s left is the reality you create because you can’t survive without 1) consuming and 2) living a/your life ruled by feelings… Well, this is what you get in that chaos. What a shame, what a shame. So much rigamarole and the ill-miracle of a child that must grow up in it–perpetuating even further the whole mess. Or something like that. Rant on.

Weiße Frau, schwarzes Kind: Mutter verklagt Samenbank – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Black donor sperm mistakenly sent to white mom.