3rd World Corporate Statehood

You gotta luv this stuff. Example upon example of the demise of what might have been a great experiment. A country experiment, that is. Or. Wait. A nation-state experiment. Nomatter. As far as the examples go… Here just a few more examples of American’t in its 3rd world statehood: ISIS or ISIL, Ebola in Dallas, recent manipulation of “choice” rights in Texas, etc. Indeed, dear worst-reader, the list (could) go on. But we’ll stop there and focus only on one more. Indeed, an example of 3rd world statehood like no other. I mean, this one is even better than trying to list all the manipulations by corporate American’t through lobbyists. For this, dear worst-reader, is less subtle than those lobbyist who work behind the scenes. I mean, come on, how many American’ts are actually aware of what goes on in the filth halls of Congress? Again. Nomatter. Still. I feel compelled to worst-write something about this happening more so than that happening–although the abortion thing in Texas was high on my list. Below an article describing how dysfunctional American’t socialist-capitalism (there, I said it!) really is. If you are an angry participant in the farce that is American’t pseudo democracy and the lie that is a political system based on capitalism (which isn’t a political system by definition) and this doesn’t get under your gander, than only your private lord knows what will. Either that or you’ll just continue to take comfort in the conservative krapp that has pre-occupied you for the past 30+ years, e.g. guns, taxes, big government, etc. In worst-short text, what we’re dealing with is a company that manufactures all the glass for Apple touchscreen devices. Obviously this company gave word to Apple about its eminent demise and so Apple withheld paying $130m it owes to this company. Also. The owner of this company took the liberty of divesting his shares in the company weeks before the announcement of bankruptcy. How does a company that supplies for one of the world most profitable companies go bankrupt? Other than bad management (which is the norm for most corporations today) this company probably did like Icarus. Yeah, fly to high to the sun with wax wings, baby. But none of that matters now. The company can file for bankruptcy which is just another part of the socialism for the rich that so many American’t suckers play while they stand in their voting booths trying to figure out why the voting computer in front of them really looks like an old pacman game. Or something like that.

Bankruptcy Came To Light After Apple Withheld Payment | 9to5Mac