I'm Important I'm An Actor

The moment Affleck started interrupting Harris I thought, wow, he seems like he’s got a score to settle. Or should I worst-write today, dear worst-reader, of what I think of Ben Affleck? Yeah, let’s go there. Is there such a thing as a disingenuous actor? I mean, an actor that acts disingenuously. Nomatter. I think the first movie I saw with him was that silly one with Matt Damon, which I consider to be a totally pretentious film, albeit Robin Williams was ok in it. But Affleck–as mediocre as Damon was–was horrible. The man cannot act his way out of a wet-paper bag. But he is, according to his bank account–and his ability to memorise lines–and perhaps due to his chin–a great Hollywood careerist. And I guess that’s ok. I used to think the same of George Clooney–and even though I still don’t think Clooney can act, the man’s film resume holds up to Tommi’s worst-scrutiny. Anywho. Maybe Affleck can turn me around someday. But then again, when Affleck makes appearances like this (link to video below) and says, reeking of sarcasm and disrespect “Thank God you’re here” to someone like Sam Harris, well, I guess, the world needs a few more I’m-important-I’m-an-actor to set us straight. But the real problem with Affleck’s attack is that it justifies or legitimises reactionary behaviour. As history already knows, reactionary behaviour is part of what got American’t into the situation that it is currently in. You know, we are repeating history and especially the early twentieth century in a big way. But I digress. I guess. Rant on.

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