"We are all civilised people, which means that we are all savages at heart but observing a few amenities of civilised behaviour. I am afraid that I observe fewer of these amenities than you do. Reason? My back is to the wall and has been to the wall for so long that the pressure of … Continue reading Amenities

Ms. Santa, Baby

Let us go there, dear worst-reader. Let us go the humbug way. For it is that time of year where gluttonous consumption can take a break from filling guts and oversized clothes via fast food counters. That gluttony can be replaced with children accidentally eating cheaply sewn button eyes of dolls and figurines and thereby … Continue reading Ms. Santa, Baby

Swap Your En-Tities

Worst-words of the day, dear worst-reader... Prohibition Against Federal Government Bailout of Swap Entities As stated here, Elizabeth Warren is a maverick. She is indeed doing her best to do something about something. But what is that something, dear worst-reader? Well, let's give it a shot and try to tell what that something is. In … Continue reading Swap Your En-Tities

Sell It Back

Attempts at humour from long ago... Question: Mr. Allen, do you think the Israelis should give back the land they've won from the Arabs? Woody Allen: (Short pause.) Do I think the Israelis should give back the land they won? No. I think they should sell it back. Source: click here to see it for yourself.