As Time Doesn't Go By

Two things this morn, dear worst-reader. There are the many who don't know the Interwebnets. There are the few who don't know the Interwebnet. Let's begin w/ the first, shall we? As a consume-to-survivor I made a major end of the year purchase on 29.12.14. It took worst-moi a few weeks to finally make the … Continue reading As Time Doesn't Go By


"We are all civilised people, which means that we are all savages at heart but observing a few amenities of civilised behaviour. I am afraid that I observe fewer of these amenities than you do. Reason? My back is to the wall and has been to the wall for so long that the pressure of … Continue reading Amenities

Ms. Santa, Baby

Let us go there, dear worst-reader. Let us go the humbug way. For it is that time of year where gluttonous consumption can take a break from filling guts and oversized clothes via fast food counters. That gluttony can be replaced with children accidentally eating cheaply sewn button eyes of dolls and figurines and thereby … Continue reading Ms. Santa, Baby

Hack-chu Gesundheit

"If everyone doesn't see this movie, the terrorists win." -from a shameless Hollywood promotional article here. No. Seriously. This is a joke, right? I mean, this hack on Sony Pictures is a joke. If it's not a joke, then it must be the weirdest promotion of a film ever. Right? (See link above.) Ok. If none of that … Continue reading Hack-chu Gesundheit

Success Equals Failure

"In these times Success should be more appreciative of Fail. Unlike previous times, today, without the latter there can be no former. Or something like that." -Tommi

Swap Your En-Tities

Worst-words of the day, dear worst-reader... Prohibition Against Federal Government Bailout of Swap Entities As stated here, Elizabeth Warren is a maverick. She is indeed doing her best to do something about something. But what is that something, dear worst-reader? Well, let's give it a shot and try to tell what that something is. In … Continue reading Swap Your En-Tities

Sell It Back

Attempts at humour from long ago... Question: Mr. Allen, do you think the Israelis should give back the land they've won from the Arabs? Woody Allen: (Short pause.) Do I think the Israelis should give back the land they won? No. I think they should sell it back. Source: click here to see it for yourself.