Ms. Santa, Baby

ms santaLet us go there, dear worst-reader. Let us go the humbug way. For it is that time of year where gluttonous consumption can take a break from filling guts and oversized clothes via fast food counters. That gluttony can be replaced with children accidentally eating cheaply sewn button eyes of dolls and figurines and thereby helping the planet with over population. Or maybe not. My point in this worst-post and the ridiculous news that I read every day is this: have you ever heard of native-advertising? Well, don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it because here it is first hand. So if you believe that there is a woman in Massachusetts that paid-off Xmas lay-away items amounting to about $20k, then I bet you’ll soon be moving to your new waterfront property in south FL. Just keep in mind, $20k is a drop in the bucket compared to the advertising value this toy store gets from this kind of exposure. Just imagine how many of the gullibles and the suckers out there, hoping and preying, preying and hoping, that Ms. Santa Claus will give them something for nothing. Ah. The #americant way. Yeah, baby. Rant on.

A mystery woman paid off everyone’s layaway accounts at a Toys R Us – The Washington Post.