Like Not Like

So. Like. I'm sitting on a bus last summer. I'm traveling from Salisbury, MD, to Wilmington, DE. In Wilmington a train takes me to NYC where I enjoy an afternoon and an overnight in one of my favourite places on the planet. To worst-writer there is nothing more tranquil than walking around NYC until I feel like … Continue reading Like Not Like

Not Ending A War

"Without the League (of Nations), there would be another war with Germany within thirty years because of the Carthaginian peace being imposed by the Allies." / "Europe had a murderous tendency to sink into barbarism, the United States had not yet achieved a civilization from which to fall." -Gore Vidal, Hollywood

Side Of The Trade

Curiosity has hit this Ausländer a wee bit more than usual since Jan 1. The beginning of 2015 has offered up a lot to consider. First, the Swiss unpegged their precious Franc from the Euro. Second, East Germans, most of which were educated under the auspices of Margot Honecker, presented their intellect in the form of … Continue reading Side Of The Trade

Softly Them Kill

It's hard watching movies these days, dear worst-reader. I think that's due to 1) my age, 2) I'm movied-out. Wait. Those two things probably aren't exclusive. Nomatter. One of my hobbies is to curate my own little personal digital movie library. Using Apple's (the great monopoly) iTunes as my media server, I purchase most of my … Continue reading Softly Them Kill

Twice As Much

Worst-thought of the day on how the world really works. A fairy appears to a worker-bee of the western world while that worker-bee is taking a break in his cubicle and dreaming of a better life. The fairy says: I will do anything for you that you want but remember whatever I do for you I will … Continue reading Twice As Much

The Same Game

Maybe, just maybe, dear worst-reader, you should stop playing the same game as everybody else. Ever think about that? I mean, that's the ticket, ain't it? There is one game and everybody (EVERYBODY) plays it. There is no variety in the games we play. There is no difference in the games we play. And so. Eventually that … Continue reading The Same Game

They Were Really Great

"Their precepts related chiefly to ourselves, and the government of those passions which, unrestrained, would disturb our tranquility of mind. In this branch of philosophy they were really great. (Italics mine.) In developing our duties to others, they were short and defective. They embraced indeed the circles of kindred and friends, and inculcated patriotism, or … Continue reading They Were Really Great

Protesting My Delusions

The mist of violence has cleared and I'm still pretty angry about thugs and guns and the vulnerability of artists. I'm ashamed to admit it but for the first time since the deadly farce of the western world's war-on-terror, I actually felt a jitter of pro-violence-lust running through my veins as I watched the Charlie Hebdo tragedy … Continue reading Protesting My Delusions

Pilgrams And Pirates

"Pilgrims had sailed to 'The Americas' to establish doctrinal purity, and pirates had made the same voyage in search of treasure and slaves. In Paine's time, however, the New World of 'the United States of America' (a name he may have coined) was an actual and concrete achievement; not an imaginary Utopia but a home … Continue reading Pilgrams And Pirates

How To Stop The Dominoes

Have this behind me: the frustration felt during the wars-of-choice that have sent #americant into its current spiral of empire delusion? There are a few things that will always remain from those years. The first is the fact that the people who didn't vote joined the ones who did vote and all elected Dubya (twice!) The price for this apathy … Continue reading How To Stop The Dominoes

Poor vs Poor

The subtitle of this post is: When Protests Don't Matter. Yes, dear worst-reader, I'm a very negative person. Thank you for asking. Yet. With that said, allow me, behind your back, to (re)define negative. The reality is, negative these days has little to do with the opposite of positive. Besides, it is the same idear when it … Continue reading Poor vs Poor

Glove Thumb

Winter is a time for gloves, among other warming garments. Yet there is something worst-unique about gloves above and beyond garments. (Perhaps the same goes for (thick) socks? That's another worst-post.) My gloves are always together on a small table next to the front door. When I go out I grab them and put them … Continue reading Glove Thumb