Glove Thumb

Winter is a time for gloves, among other warming garments. Yet there is something worst-unique about gloves above and beyond garments. (Perhaps the same goes for (thick) socks? That’s another worst-post.) My gloves are always together on a small table next to the front door. When I go out I grab them and put them in my right coat pocket. It is not until I’m outside and I feel the cold that I put the gloves on. Yet when I take the gloves out of my pocket a most peculiar thing (always) happens. That is, I never–well, rarely–pick the the right glove to go on the correct hand first. I always have to fumble the pair to find the one that goes on the correct hand. Now. Here’s the thing about gloves that I’ve noticed. There should be a fifty-fifty chance of picking the correct glove to go on the correct hand, right? Well. Not in this case. And I don’t know why? Again. I rarely–best estimate, ninety-five percent of the time–pick the correct glove for the correct hand. Just thought I’d add that thought. Rant on. -tgs-