How To Stop The Dominoes

Have this behind me: the frustration felt during the wars-of-choice that have sent #americant into its current spiral of empire delusion? There are a few things that will always remain from those years. The first is the fact that the people who didn’t vote joined the ones who did vote and all elected Dubya (twice!) The price for this apathy will go unpaid for a long time. The next fact is that my beloved former home country is ruled by what is thought of as persons who went through the/a gauntlet of a compulsory collegiate education and hence are supposed to be, in some way, …cognitive? They are of a system where the ONLY gateway to material success and any sort of living standard is through the halls and doorways of for-profit-education. Indeed. Even though the college educated have been there before, it seems that today college educated persons are running the #americant empire to the ground. From the presidents cabinet to all the corporate minions and even the people’s official government gun-toters, the leaders are all of some collegiate institution accompanied by a variety of academic titles. And so. #americant college educated minions are proving their worth to empire–en masse. And. One of the best examples of the western world’s über-education-to-nowhere is the former army general that ran the most recent wars of choice that will probably never be paid for. This guy has a PhD and yet he should be known for nothing more than his sophomoric infantilism which has gotten him caught up in a scandal that should be underneath the uneducated poor man’s trailer park. But that won’t happen. For, how do you prosecute these minions without going after the human corruption of them all? Don’t let the dominoes fall. Rant on.

U.S. Seeks Criminal Charges Against David Petraeus: Official.

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