Jokes Not Got

I'll tell you what your reaction will be to my next story. When I get to the punch line there will be silence, giggles, snickers, then laughs. Watch. These two girls are walking down the street. The one girl says to the other, "Hey girl, isn't that your husband coming out of the florist?" She … Continue reading Jokes Not Got

Kopf In Honey

Shout-out of the evening: Dieter Hallervorden. Just watched the German tragic-comedy "Honig Im Kopf" (Honey In My Head). When I first heard about the movie I didn't give it much attention. Up until the passing of my stepfather last August, I had seen two other films about Alzheimer's, "Mein Vater" and "Away From Her" and I had … Continue reading Kopf In Honey

Go Away All

Compulsive Behaviour: doing something to the point of an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or other condition leading to self mutilating behaviour. Yeah. I'm a fuddy-duddy. I stopped laughing at Jon Stewart years ago. I might have even lost touch with comedy on account I hate comedy that only nit-picks, makes fun and relies solely on … Continue reading Go Away All

Suicide Eyes

"'The only freedom that an American has is to conform, as you've already discovered.' Caroline did not in the least mind the disparity between the country's shining image of itself and the crude reality. She was entirely on the side of the rulers, ridiculous and unpleasant as so many of them were. She felt a … Continue reading Suicide Eyes

The Disingenuity

Have to go serious cynical this morn, dear worst-reader. Here it goes. While watching the below linked interview on Democracy Now, about half-way through it, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of disingenuity. Amy Goodman was interviewing a so-called whistleblower named John Kiriakou and for the first time, after years of watching her, I actually thought that Amy … Continue reading The Disingenuity

More Money Than

Say what you will about success and failure, dear worst-reader--because none of what is said matters anymore. As far as business and making money goes, Apple seems to transcend it all. The only question I have is, as Apple prances around the globe with more money than most nations and potentially even more cash than the … Continue reading More Money Than

Skittles Is Newspeak Another fantastic piece of journalism? Indeed. And it doesn't matter that mindless television spectacle should remind people of the last efforts to stall the fall of the Roman empire. You know, like they did with those coliseum games way back when. Just watch the vid, dear worst-reader. Three issues of #americant neo-fascism and corporatism are addressed. Wife beating … Continue reading Skittles Is Newspeak

WindowsXP Stuck

--Update--see below. Better half bought a new printer recently to replace the bloated HP device we bought only a short while ago. Even though worst-writer is the family system administrator, I don't print anymore so I gladly turned the task of print-media over to the head of household. Which meant that every other month there was a frustrated … Continue reading WindowsXP Stuck