More Money Than

Say what you will about success and failure, dear worst-reader–because none of what is said matters anymore. As far as business and making money goes, Apple seems to transcend it all. The only question I have is, as Apple prances around the globe with more money than most nations and potentially even more cash than the US treasury (at last count it has only $60b), what can a company do with so much? Seriously. Am I the only one to think about this? Apple has been sitting on a mountain of cash for years now. Obviously that won’t last forever. What goes up, must come down. But in the mean time you would think that something spectacular could come out of this. Or maybe it doesn’t have to be spectacular. I mean, we don’t need Apple colonising the moon or mars. We obviously don’t need it to re-invent the PC industry–as it seems content to live within the confines of that cabal, albeit the iPhone and iPad is somewhat of a break from that. What then should Apple do with all its money? For starters, it should buy the friggin’ Internet. No. I mean it. And if it can’t buy the whole thing it should at least make a major contribution to freeing up at least some part of the data-super-highway. Or how ’bout this. Why not buy a cell phone carrier? It’s perfectly positioned to do so, especially with its iPhone/iPad and retail stores. No? Not good enough? Ok. Why doesn’t it invest somewhere to improve America’s Internet infrastructure? Ain’t that what Google’s doing with its gazillions? Seriously. Internet in the US sucks batballs. Wait. That brings me to this thought. Apple should do something about the Internet being controlled by monopoly ISPs. Wait. Am I getting too idealistic now? Ok, back to business–back to basics. How ’bout this. Why doesn’t Apple stop screwing around with monopoly pricing of its own products and really break the back of the Intel/Microsoft cabal? Yeah. I think I like that last one best. On the other hand. I’ll just take a free t-shirt next time I’m in a Apple store so I can wear it in the near future when I switch back to Windows. Yeah. What goes up must come down. Rant on. -t

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