Go Away All

Compulsive Behaviour: doing something to the point of an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or other condition leading to self mutilating behaviour.

Yeah. I’m a fuddy-duddy. I stopped laughing at Jon Stewart years ago. I might have even lost touch with comedy on account I hate comedy that only nit-picks, makes fun and relies solely on parody. (Which is why I prefer Bill Maher when it comes to making fun of the idiocy of #americant politics.) Or, maybe, I lost touch with comedy because I’ve gone native in the #eurowasteland borough of Germania. I mean, you know what they say about Europe? The Italians make things pretty and useless, the French make things taste good but ugly and the British will never accept the fact that they squandered their empire and… And… The Germans have Ordnung. Or something like that.

Two things have happened this week worth briefly worst-chronicling, dear worst-reader. First, the Brian Williams saga, which I mentioned here last night. Second, Jon Stewart announced that he’s been bored out of his mind for the past decade or so playing the Shakespearean Fool. Wait. Or is it his audience that’s been playing the fool? Nay. It’s probably a little bit of both. Nomatter. What’s clear is both these men are a dime a dozen and it would be a great thing if, by their departure from the rat race, a new consciousness emerges regarding the rotting soul that is an ongoing fail-upwards experiment.

What Jon Stewart fails to realise in his pseudo-defence of Brian Williams is that the lie Williams told isn’t the issue. “Media hypocrisy” or “infotainment confusion syndrome” isn’t the issue either–although both are very fitting contextual buzzwords. The issue here, dear worst-reader–and listen very closely to this as your inner ear speaks what you read–is the compulsive behaviourism that is the foundation of the FUFCS of America–fail upward fascist corporate society. Hence we live in a world of unoriginality galore. Which means, in the parlay of the The Dream, making fun of stuff can also be an industry. And so. Unfortunately. The whole idear of parodying politics is nothing new. I was introduced to the krapp when I moved to #eurowasteland a quarter century ago. (The French are the best at it, btw.) Which also means, like most #americants today, Stewart didn’t create anything by starting The Daily Show. What he did create, though, and I mean this sincerely, is a venue where an already lost, written-off generation can laugh at the misery it has done to itself.

What’s more important to think about here is the irony of Stewart announcing his departure and at the same time Brian Williams is facing the wrath of his fellow corporatists who smell the blood sewn by scrapping the walls of hell to get to the top. In other words. The only reason Brian Williams and ALL others working in the media are where they are today is not based on merit. That is how/why a fib can be turned into a federal case. In fact, anyone today who makes even a half decent living working for a corporation is where they are NOT because of merit. The reason for it is the automaton corporate state we have created and live for without questioning it. And. No. Laughing at it ain’t questioning the system. Indeed. You have to have a people that will go along with this game. What an astonishing thought–if you think about it. Hence everything–EVERYTHING–has a dollar value. Material is the only way of showing if you can cope with your environment. Cronyism is how you get to scrape them walls of hell. And. Jon Stewart makes you laugh at it–at yourself!

So. Once again. Because of parody, because of squeezing out another giggle, America can keep sweeping its ugly truths under the carpet and Jon Stewart can finally sit back and watch the keystone cop future that is The Dream wither away into the sunset of milking an empty cow. Either that or he can take the millions he has earned from causing minions to laugh so hard they forget where their standing and go off to Hollywood and produce movies. Ain’t that his plan? Ain’t that everyone’s plan? Yeah. He was on the air for (insert number of years) and faux newz is still alive and kicking. And. The next Brian Williams is waiting in the wings with his lies, frothing at the mouth. Go careerists of nothingness. Go. Go Away. All of you.


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Rant on. -Tommi