Kopf In Honey

Shout-out of the evening: Dieter Hallervorden. Just watched the German tragic-comedy “Honig Im Kopf” (Honey In My Head). When I first heard about the movie I didn’t give it much attention. Up until the passing of my stepfather last August, I had seen two other films about Alzheimer’s, “Mein Vater” and “Away From Her” and I had had enough of it. All of these movies though are very good. But the one that will forever stand out is the one written and directed by Till Schweiger–who also happens to star in the movie. That said, Hallervorden steels the show. He delivered not only some incredible acting but one of the best portrayals I have ever seen… of my stepfather and the whole reality of Dementia and Alzheimers that my family went through for almost a decade. Even though I haven’t seen anything from Till Schweiger in a while, I also have to say that he nailed this film with his directing and story telling which is co-written by Hilly Martinek. And let me not forget the young grandchild played by Schweiger’s real-life daughter, who also deserves credit for some serious work. Her screen presence is at times mesmerizing and she really drew me in to every scene where I couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say or do next. There is also an interesting comic-relief element in this film which is portrayed by Till and his on-screen wife. I’m not sure if Till was really going for the comic-relief thing, though, but if anything took away from the movie, it was that part. I don’t say that to diminish the actors and their struggle–because I think they did struggle to incorporate that element of the story (which is a good thing). They did a fine job. But it is not clear if they are supposed to be the comedy or some other element, e.g. family drama. If they are the latter than there is something missing in the movie. If they are the former then Till has to work on his comedic delivery. But none of that matters because, again, and it can’t be said enough: Hallervorden is brilliant. The man deserves a friggin’ Oscar! Great movie.

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