Lovin The Constitution Not

Where will the story end? A few centuries ago a bunch of privileged, elite Euro (white) men were angry about paying taxes so they got together to form an imperfect union and thereby established the right to be greedy along with a few other rights, e.g. the right to be stupid, the right to prey to imaginary teapots in the sky, the right to join a collective and the right to be clueless about what’s really going on around you, etc. Now, more than ever, dear worst-reader, I’m entertained when the libertarian classes open their traps about the US Constitution. For you see, what comes out of their traps is rarely anything that reflects reality. These people really do believe that the Constitution was written for them. Hence the power of the subliminal, the force of subtlety, the ability to change the individual who obviously can’t think for himself. It truly is no wonder that so many have fallen for the silliness that is Constitutional interpretation. It makes one feel good to think or feel that the first amendment or the fourth or whatever is about you. If one doesn’t heed this call of self-wonder then what should one do? Actually try to interpret reality? Wake up from the somber sleep of ignorant bliss? Come on! Get over it already. The US Constitution is not about the individual. What it is about is the ruling classes and protecting them from 1) kings and usurpers and 2) the riff-raff. Hence the Constitution is nothing more than a smoke screen, a dummy (as when hunting ducks) and the greatest single magic trick ever pulled on humanity. With that in mind, below an article from yet another libertarian nut-bag who does his/her utmost to sound good while listening to himself bitch and moan about what ultimately is a life of missed causes. In other worst-words. All of #americants problems can be traced to one very simple idear. We are a nation of individuals misinterpreting what is clearly a declaration that protects one thing and one thing only: money and those who own it. That’s it. That is what the US Constitution is about. End of story. Good luck suckers. -T

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